h.pylori infection

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I am trying to start a class action lawsuit to make the antiacid companies include a message about h.pylori and how it is now known to give stomach cancer. This is a huge cover up. How many people out their went so many years with symptoms of heartburn, stomach pain and thought it was just normal to have stomach distress because of spicy foods, or stress or your job, or your boss? These advertisements have cost many people their lives because it is now known that h.pylori is a major cause of stomach cancer. They should be forced to re-educate the public about how serious this can be and not to self-medicate yourself. I am interested in getting peoples stories about how they found out they had stomach cancer and how long it took before they got a biosopy of their stomach. I am thinking of also a consumer handbook about stomach cancer to alert the public about this cancer.


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    I am a male nurse. Your letter and plan is right on. I got a blood test for hp. Was treated. Was fine several years/ Labor Day weekend I threw up 2 pts of blood. An ulcer was found. Cancer cells. Just had a Billroth II stomach surgery/ meet with an oncologist on the 26th I will join you in your efforts. The doctors too are still in the dark. Please contact me at [email protected]
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    I am a 35 year old female and have stomach cancer. Please inofrm me on this h.pylori, I am in the dark about this possiblity of causing cancer
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    H. Pylori
    I have H. Pylori right now...They only put me on an acid blocker or what ever and I've had it for how many months now...I have up coming appointments and stuff for a stomach examination.
    I also made a blog about H. Pylor awareness I just started a couple days ago because I couldnt find anything on any of the search things about H. Pylori awareness. I decided to make my own.
    I'm still working on it and what not, I'm going to have blogs about how it makes people feel, what happend to them when they had it, or what happens to them because they have it.
    I've had heartburn problems since Middle school and I'm a freshman in college now.