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Breast Cancer & Colon Cancer

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Hi, I was with my oncologist last night, she is strongly recommending a Colonoscopy - because young women that have BC (I'm 35) are at high risk for colon cancer. I am Stage IIb, estrogen + and Her2/neu +. Was anyone else told this? Thanks in advance.

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My oncologist told me the same thing about colon cancer... I'm 43, stage II, estrogen + and Her2/new strongly +. AND...days before my final chemo (4 AC, 4 Taxotere) I had a bleeding problem that my Oncologist got so concern about that he had me have a colonoscopy immediately!! It turned out to be diverticulum and hemmorroids ... not serious. I had a lot of digestive track irritation from the chemotherapy. Anyway ... he would have ordered the colonoscopy as a follow-up test for me and I got it over with early. I'm assuming you've never had one. The test is the easy part ... you get put into "twilight" sleep... the prep is what got me ... the stuff you have to drink!!! Anyway ... get the test .. and be worry free. Peace to you, Jamie

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Hey. I have not been told that but wanted to introduce myself to you. I am 38, was diagnosed March 2000. I am also Stage 11B, estrogen + and Her2/neu+. Sounds like we have alot in common. Where are you from? I am in the Atlanta area. Let me know what you find out on the colonoscopy news.

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Hi Sheri, I'm in NY. I don't plan on having the colonoscopy done for a while, I need to give my body a break. But I will keep the group posted. Take care.

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Hi, I'm 54 and was also told by my doctor that I should have a colonoscopy. He said not just because of breast cancer but also because of my age. I'm also estrogen +. I'm lucky in the fact that my surgeon is also the one to perform the test so I don't have to worry about meeting a new doctor this time. My colonoscopy is scheduled for Mon at 7:30 a.m. Take care.
love, judy

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Hi Judy. I'm 49 and had my first colonoscopy this year due to bleeding. Thank god it was only hemorrhoids. The test was a breeze! The prep is the difficulty. Good luck on Mon. I'll be thinking of you. HUGS!!! Cathy

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Hi, I haven't been told this. I am 24 and was diagnosed in April 2001. I was a Stage 2a and HER2/neu+, but plan to ask on Tuesday when I go back to see my oncologist for my next set of chemo. I start weekly taxol and herceptin. THanks for the advice! Take Care! Carrie

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