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here again

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i thought i had submitted a message a couple weeks ago but can't find it, so somehow must not of done it correctly.
Just wanted to update folks on myself and here some comments from all who are interested.
My lastest scans were 7/16 with results 7/20. but not good, muchcontinued growth of liver mets even though was on weekly chemo of navelbine since may first.
so changed to gemzaar and told had 4-5 months to live.
the gemzaar's first tx was tireding but tolerable and 2nd tx was easier -- though had to wait an extra week due to low wbc's.

i have much less pain in my liver area though, so thinking it is helping - sure hope so..

has anybody used gemzaar (gemcitabine)? and with any sucess??
or liver mets and how are you doing??
thanks in advance, it's so very nice to talk with people who really understand what it's like to go thru all this.
hugs donna g.

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Hi Donna,
I'm sorry to hear about your scans.My prayers are with you,,,have faith that your new treatments will help!!
God Bless,

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Donna -

We must have faith in these new treatments they are giving you. Since last Nov. when I was diagnosed, I have seen many miracles occur in my life and in the lives of our friends on this network. My heartfelt prayers are with you daily.
May God bless you and keep you in perfect peace.
Mel in Ark.

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Hi Donna,

So sorry to read your news. I went back and reread your June 23 message to update myself.
You sound very brave and I know are loved very much by your family who probably just can't bring themselves to talk about your health.

I don't like to answer for someone else but Tiger (Rosa) has liver mets and was on taxol which did not work and now is taking xeloda - a pill form of 5-FU and last time we heard, there was no growth.

Hope your current treatments work. Love, prayers and hugs, Jean

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Hi Donna! Sorry to hear of your difficulties. Keep the faith. Tiger has liver mets too! Maybe you could e-mail her and find out how her meds are working.My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep in touch! HUGS!!! Cathy

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