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age 30 looking for support

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I just had a full hysterecotomy due to ovarian cancer. i am beginning chemo taxon and carbonplatium. I am definetly nervos about everything, being tired at work (teacher) and losing my hair. I am worried about my future having no hormones. Any advice or postive notes would be appreciated.

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Hi there. My name is Beth. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer July 2000. I too am a teacher though I have been a stay at home mom the last couple years. I am 31 and understand your fears of chemo and hair loss. I would be happy to be in contact with you if you wish. You can e-mail me at thecooches@earthlink.net if you want to talk more. I will keep you in my prayers....you can do this!! It's easier than you may think especially when you have support and a positive attitude. Best Wishes.


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Advice: take things a step at a time, focusing on the present. Push future worries out of your mind as best you can--believe me,I do know this is much harder than it sounds, but it can help even if it doesn't always work or works imperfectly.
Positive notes: 1) the surgical menopause is worst right away, and you may hardly notice it, between the recovery from surgery and the chemo. 2) there are groups to help you out, though you have to look for them. I don't know where you live, but you could start with the American Cancer Society--I guess you already have!--and see if there is a Gilda's Club nearby. Membership is free and they are wonderful. 3)Losing your hair can be really hard (if you do; apparently some people don't). Can you possibly think of it as an opportunity to try on new looks through wigs and makeup? I know people who've decided to change their hair when it grows back because they've like their looks with the wigs so much.
You have more strength than you think. You'll find it, and get through this--bethy is right.

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Hi Jess - hope you are doing well. I was 45 years old - two years ago in April 1999 - when I had a full hysterecotomy followed by a very agressive chemo. I cannot describe my feelings I had. Anyway, chemo is for the moment the onliest way to survive. Try it. I had taxon and platium - later followed by carboplatium. I did loose all my hair - but this is not important. You can live with it. Everybody is reacting in different ways. The first day after my chemo was the best. I was filled up with energy - was working like a dog. Then the second day - just the contrary. Very tired - had to stay in bed and only slept the whole day. I truly agonised. The third day everything went on again nearly normally. But, eating was a problem. No tast at all. The taste came back after one week normally. You have to strenghten your body so eat and drink whatever ist good for you. I had a lot of icecream. But, nevertheless, I did loose 10 kg.
Today, two years later, I have all my hair back - I am living - I did survive. I do enjoy life, family, friends. Oh, what I did forget: I always was working during chemo (not the second day!). I was a vice president of a company - so you can imagine a lot of work. Anyway - the only thing that matters is SURVIVING. You will not believe- but live today is even more beautiful than before we discovered cancer.
Hormones: I am taking hormones ACTIVELL. I conserved my weight - I living in a normal way. So please Jess don't give up! Live is beautiful.
I would appreciate you writing. My E-Mail address ingrid.vettiger@hotmail.com.
Please write - all the best - my thoughts are with you and so are my prayers.

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jess, i am 30 also and had sergury for ovarian cancer. it was unexpected. i lost eveything, i have one child hes 9. the surgery was fine and the chemo was too i cant complain. i had the same stuff you did and i wasnt even sick. or tired really. they gave me medicine to make me not sick before and during treatments. i had three treatments. i lost my hair after the 2 treatment. i was vey vain before this i always had my hair done always wore makeup had my nails done everything. i was very upset that was going to loss my hair too but when it happened it wasnt as big of a deal as i thought it would be. there are other things to worry about and i realized that hair just wasnt inporant as getting better. i lost all my hair every where and my eyelashes too which i would get complaments on all the time very long. but as i got on with the treatments and everything started to happen it really didnt matter to me anymoe. i was alive and getting treated. i had my 1 year anniversary for being cancer free in february of this year. i went to buy wig but nothing really worked. ya know being so young the styles just werent that great i did end up getting 2 they were covered by my insurance. i never even used them. i went to old navy and they had dog bandanas all in diffent styles and colors so i just got a bunch to match my clothes and that was it. i am easy to talk to and always here if you need to talk more. thought i would just say hello and instroduce myself.

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Hello! I am 27 years old and when I was 23 I had a complete hysterectomy. I am really interested in talking to you further about this. I have been looking for someone my age to talk to. No one older understands especially now with all the HRT scares...
Hope to hear from you.


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