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Tamoxifen & Hormone Receptors Neg

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I have completed my 4 A/C treatments and will begin radiation on Monday. My hormone receptors were negative. My oncologist feels that I should consider Tamoxifen for a preventive treatment. Has anyone else who had hormone receptors negative, taken Tamoxifen after chemo? Angie

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I am hormone receptor negative and I was told my my onc. that I could take it if I wanted to, but it wouldn't do me any good. The decision is entirely up to you, but that is what my onc. told me. I hope that this helps you! Take care and my prayers are with you. Carrie

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Angie - Because 80% of breast cancers are ER+ your doctor may be thinking the tamoxifen will help protect you from a new ER+ tumor popping up later in one of your. Also I've read that Tamoxifen has several other anti-cancer effects besides blocking estrogen from tumors with estrogen receptors
(the source was "Breast Cancer" by Steven Austin and Cathy Hitchcock, a really thoughtful, well-researched book that reviews both alternative and traditional treatments of BC). Of course the possible benefits of tamoxifen have to be weighed against possible risks. Steven Austin's book might help you to do that; he's got an extensive chapter on Tamoxifen that summarizes many of the results of the major studies done on tamox. with all types of BC. Good luck with your decision. - Gay

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new studies show that tamoxifen may be helpful even in estrogen negative disease by unknown mechanisms with similar postive results  5 years out

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