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Father's untreatable pain

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My dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer more than a year ago. He has had a couple of recurrences with continued loss of skills, especially in the area of mobility. It's my understanding that the cancer is in his nerves and he has had longstanding problems with pain. He is hospitalized again with unmanageable pain. Oral pain meds no longer work. He is on a PCA and had an intrathecal pump placed with morphine going into his spine. This is still not treating the pain. I am worried that he is actively dying, but can find no one on the medical team to talk with. He has a surgeon and a pain control doc. I visit at the hospital but my dad is angry and uncomfortable. Can anyone make a suggestion about how to advocate for better pain relief for him and answers for myself?

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I'm not familiar w/bladder cancer (my dad has prostrate cancer that has spread to his bone) but is he terminal? I would highly suggest contacting the hospice organizations in your area. It was all so confusing to me too but I found out there were in-patient hospices (where you he can be taken during his last few weeks, as determined by hospice workers), paid hospices (paid by insurance), and volunteer hospices that offer free care. What state do you live in? I have all the hospice info for Maryland and will be glad to find what's available in your state.

RE: Medical Team // What insurance company does he have? My father used to visit offices in Maryland until he/we got fed up with the one office's incompetence and travel to Virginia (same insurance plan, farther distance, WONDERFUL staff/drs). Look into or call other offices in your area if possible to get your answers. We dealt with people who just wanted their paychecks - now we deal with true and caring angels on earth.

Good Luck & God Bless.

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I was a caregiver for my husband who died of cancer...i had delt with pain management..as the cancer progressed he was on heavey morphine pca..a direct line with an overflow that he could access when needed...It is very fustrating when you cannot help them, but only make it more comfortable.oral drugs also didn't help him...as the cancer progresses you can only make them comfortable and be there for them...you know him better than the doc's so what i did is press the doctor to make the pain easier without making them wacked..You will always have pain-moreso when the move around. what kind of answers are you looking for...All you can do is be there for him and be positive..

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