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Have had kidney removed and 24 weeks treatment with low dose IL-2 and Interferon Alpha. Lung tumors are gone (2 clean CT scans) and am looking for information on maintenance...treatment timing, doses, etc.
If you would have any info on this, please email. If you would like to talk about the disease, treatment, etc. I'd like to hear from you. Thanks.

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Also had kidney removed and on IL-2 since November '01 with more to come. No talk of Interferon Alpha with the IL-2. Can you tell me more about the combination?

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I would like to speak to you, I have kidney cancer too. I have had IL2 high dose in hospital in ICU. Almost died. Please if you get a chance would you e-mail me at bigaud15@hotmail.com

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I'm also interested in the treatment you received and how hard it was on you...dukee at deprest@newportnet.com thanks

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