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finish or not finish

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I everyone. I could really use some help right now. I have been so down the last few days. I just finished my 4th treatment of A/C and am now supposed to start 12 weekly treatments of taxol and 52 weekly treatments of herceptin. I don't know if I want to continue my chemo. I am just so tired and want to be done. I hate feeling sick and tired all of the time and just want to be with my kids and be able to do things with them like I used to. I'm just so upset with all of this and want to be done and have my life back to normal again. Please help me. Any advice you could give me would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you all sooooo much! Carrie

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you've come this far. wouldn't it be awful if all you've gone through up to now was for nothing because you didn't finish? there will be more times you'll feel like quitting before the end of your treatment, but just keep reminding yourself that it will be over by this time next year and you'll be giving your children the best possible gift-having you around for a long time to come. hang in there, and be a survivor. when it's all over, you get to be a member of a very elite club, those of us who went the distance. it's not easy, but nothing worth having in this life usually is. but it IS worth all the sickness and the tiredness and the downtime. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your kids!

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Hello Carrie, There is no other answer but FINISH you treatment !!!! You must give yourself every chance to erase this beast from your life. None of us knows whether this chemo will work but it is the only treatment offered and even a few more years with our loved ones is better than none. I think you will find that you will feel much better while taking the Taxol and Herceptin. People in my treatment center who were taking Herceptin experienced no side effects. The Taxol will give you about 4 days of aches but after that I felt much like myself and could go and do anything I needed to do. I felt sick the whole time I was on the A/C and I also experienced some anxiety and depression. If you feel like crying, cry, but do not stop your treatment. We all want to go back to where we were before the cancer, but our life changes. There is much to be grateful for, even with cancer. Try to find those things you love and enjoy and focus on them with all your strength. sending you love, Nancy

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Hey Carrie. DON'T DARE QUIT NOW!!!!!!! The best is yet to come. The Taxol is very different from the A/C. You wont feel sick and will only have joint pain for a couple of days or so. The herceptin has no side effects. I was defasted when I found out that I had to do all the herceptin and I just finished on July 5th (52 treatments). I was so sad to be done. I began to like going and having the treatments. Do you have a port? That has been a life-saver for me. I actually looked forward to going in for treatments after I got off of the Taxol and was just going in for herceptin. I met lots of new friends. I know how you're feeling but I promise it gets so much easier and you will realize that the herceptin treatments are a blessing! Hang in there!!
We're all pulling for you!!

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I know right now that you feel that you are at your lowest point. Don't give up! If the doctor suggests that you need the other treatments, take them. Soon you will get your life back. I know, I have been there. I only had to take six months of chemo, but I would do it all over again if it meant that I would have more time with my family. In fact, I am again faced with this possibility. I had a cyst removed on Wednesday on my other breast. I should find out the results tomorrow. If it is cancerous, I will take chemo again. It has been 4 years since I was first diagnoised with breast cancer.
Most importantly is that you must pray about the whole situation. God is a healer, and He is a wonderful person to talk to.
You can contact me at pamcarver@hotmail.com. if you feel the need to. Sometimes it just helps to talk to people that have been through what you have.

May God bless you,

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Hello Elizabeth,

You have been through a lot and still so positive and supportive of others. I wish you continued success in your treatment.


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Welcome Elizabeth! This is a wonderful group of people. You can get all the support you need. It's a place to ask questions, laugh, cry whatever it takes to get through this nightmare. We're all at different stages of recovery and treatment. Read our bios. if you haven't already. Feel free to e-mail me at any time.Good luck! HUGS!! Cathy

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Hi Elizabeth,
This site has been a lifeline for me too. I was diagnosed in April with surgery in May. These ladies have given me so much and I thank the Lord for them each day! You will find lots of love and support here. Someone called me a victim of this disease and I corrected them by saying that I am a survivor! There's a big difference! And we all are survivors! Hope to hear from you soon. My prayers are with you.
Love, Jayne

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Carrie I really understand how you feel I have just had one treatment and already am feeling like you do . The only thing I can say is that we need to fight and fight hard to be with our children and continue to know that others care and support us. THis is a long fight and certainly not one we signed up for but we have to try to be positive. Remember we all care about you and our prayers are with you.
Jo Ann

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This is a very difficult question, to finish or stop now, it is an individual question that only you can answer for yourself. you know how badly you are feeling and how much more you can take.
Listen to your friends here and then decide for yourself what feels best for you, i fo r one and i'm sure many others here will support you whichever decision you make. We all realize that only each of us can make these personal decisoions.

My first cancer was 21/2 yrs ago and though not so long ago I didn'thave the opportunity to do the A/C then taxol, much reseach is very positive about that combination-- so much so that it is VERY common and seems to be working. I had taxotere after my recurrance to lymph nodes and it was not horrible -- nothing like A/C, I have not had herceptin but had not heard any ill reports about doing it--especiallyif you have a port . My port came with my recurrance and has been a life saver in terms of comfort for me, there is virtually no upkeep and with EMLA creme the insertion of needles is painless--can't beat that...!!!
pray and contemplate what is best for you. love and prayers are with you, donna g.

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Hi Carrie:
It isn't uncommon to get down during treatment. I'd suggest giving yourself some
time to think about it all. No one else can really tell us what is best for us. It is your life and your decision but a heavy one which requires time to think it through. When you are feeling better, perhaps you will see things in a different light? Have you found that your particular diagnosis is typically treated with what your dr. is suggesting? What are the alternatives? Are you depressed? Please just take the time you need to sort it out for yourself, as well as doing whatever research you haven't already done which may be helpful. Please keep us posted.

love and hugs,

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