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My father, My best friend

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My father was just diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. It has spread to his liver, splean, and bone. We are doing standard chemo now and are about to try Iressa, experimental drug. Has anyone tried the drug? My father is my best friend and I need to find a way to get him in remission. What treatments has anyone tried?? How long do I have with my father realistically? The doctor at James Arthur in Columbus, he has never in his 25 Years seen anyone with cancer like my father's survive 5 years. Please someone out there tell me this isn't so.

Posts: 10
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Thank you so much for your inspiring words of believing and hopefully achieving, a cure somewhere. I hope both our father's find the miracle that awaits someone out there. We are now with a physician that is able to distribute Iressa. If chemo doesn't respond we begin our trial of experimental. My father is having terrible pain in his hip and back. when your father found lung cancer in his bone, did he hurt? Thanks for any and all information.

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i have gotten so confused on all the internet pages i have been on. i have a problem remembering my log-in and password. i hope you receive this. i sent another message earlier but i have no idea if it was received to you. i wish you the best and my prayers are with you. my daddy did not have good response to his treatments. I am hopeing at this time, i can get my daddy on anything that could possibly work. i'm now sure how to do that but i will give all my energy to find out. if i can get my dad on iressa, it is well worth the try. he has nothing to loose at this stage. in response to your question about my dad breaking his bone, he had a mass on his upper left shoulder that ate away his bone to egg shell thin and eventually broke his bone. no one had any idea he had a broken bone until we got back his first test results of where the cancer was. we then learned he had a mass on his bone in his upper left arm. he has a post in it but he still has a little pain and his arm is not as functional as before. if you have any info on iressa, please send my way. i wish you and your family the best. julie

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Sorry about your father, do not waste a single day, Tell him everything you ever wanted to say to him, My husband had lung cancer with brain mets and he lasted 5 months hope and pray for the best but prepare for the worst.
Sorry, I will pray for you, It helps alot.

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