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hair loss

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Has everyone that has taken chemo for breast lost their hair?

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Hi !

Almost everyone loses her hair because the Adriamycin in AC causes it.

People who are not able to have Adriamycin get the treatment that preceded AC - That was and still is CMF. Your hair might thin but not be completely gone. However, it is a treatment that takes twice as long in time (in months) and Adriamycin is considered the best treatment if a person is able to have it.

They always test people with a MUGA test before to ( I think) check out the left ventricle to see how well the heart pumps blood.

Hope this helps.

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I read further down the list and see what you are facing Wednesday.You will be in the prayers of a lot of us for good results.

Since you have already had cancer and chemo, may I ask what you had the first time for your chemo?

No hurry on the answer - and only if you want to answer. Will be thinking of you Wednesday - Hugs, Jean

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Dear Jean

Tahnks for your concern. Won't find out the results of scan until next week as hospital radiology is backed up lately for non-urgent (their opinion not mine) tests. I have only had adriamycin. If this fails I will go on to CMF & then Taxol. We are running out of choices now & it's getting scary as nothing seems to work for long. Before this I had Tamoxifen, Megastat & Femara & they all failed quite quickly. There are few clincal trials in NZ for new drugs so I may have to go to Australia to get on a trial if all these options fail. Thanks for your prayers I feel I realy need them right now. Lots of Love. Pam

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Hi Pam,
I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you daily as I walk in the morning. You are in my heart and fervently brought before the throne of God. You have helped me soooo much with your encouragement and information. Hang in there and keep us posted. We all care so much.
Love, Jayne

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Dear Pam,

Good to hear from you - you are one brave lady, we all know. Tiger is on xeloda which is the F of CMF. Is that available in NZ?

Best of luck to you and lots of love and hugs for strength and healing.


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I had 4 A/C treatments. My hair started coming out a little bit on the 16th day following my 1st chemo treatment. On day 17 it began coming out in clumps. I had my chemo buzz done that day. I had been told that it is a lot easier to take control of our hair loss by having it buzzed instead of watching it fall out. It really did help to go ahead and get it over with. I also lost my eyelashes and eyebrows (I have about 5 - 6 eyebrows left on each eye!) But in spite of losing hair from everywhere, I still had to shave my legs!!!

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Yes I have lost my hair but you should not worry because my doctor said it will grow back . 1 week after I took the Chemo I lost all my hair but it is growing back now .

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