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Emergency Prayer Request

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Dear Friends:

Please remember a young lady, Sonja, when you pray. She was told by her Chicago oncologists that she might have 3 months to live. Liver mets from breast cancer 2 years ago. She is now in a hospital on one of the Mexican coasts (don't remember) having an unorthodox treatment which is mainly an all out detoxification therapy. It is usually a last ditch effort for cancer patients around the world. She had several recommendations from people who had the same dx. and are now in full remission. I pray with all my heart that it will work for her. She is a beautiful and talented young woman. The previous chemo caused her to be sterile and she was handling that so well just to survive was her main goal, and now this. Her Mother told me that she had cried and prayed so much that she had no tears left. It breaks my heart. I do know the power of prayer and how much it has helped me. If Sonja, can get prayers from around the world, it may just be what she needs to shock her inhumane doctor; and give her more years. Her husband has been by her side through it all and is so devoted to her--please remember her family, too.
Just add her to your already long prayer lists, but God can handle all things; and through him - all things are possible that are impossible for mere mortals.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support and prayers. May God bless you all and give you the strength to win this battle.
Prayers and hugs, Brenda

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I have a chain prayer going on through internet which i will let all my friends & family know about this so we can hold Sonja up high where the LORD will put his healing powers througgh her body .i'm IN A LOT OF Prayer webs so i will let all know this message

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Brenda, I will pray for Sonya also. I hope to heaven that this treatment works for her. it also scares me though because I am at the 19 month marker with the same cancer. Do you know if she has been given Xeloda to shrink the liver tumours? Please let me know, that may be another option for her, it is doing well for me and for a few other people I know who were deemed terminal, but went on the Xeloda and are now kicking butt again.
Write me at home, I dont get on here much.
Looking forward to your answer.
Hugs and prayers from Tiger

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I know how important prayers. I will keep Sonja in my prayers !

May God bless,

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She will be in my prayers Brenda. Please let us know how she is doing.

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Sonja will be in my prayers, also. Keep us posted.

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Dear Brenda, Sonja will also be in my prayers like all of you. I believe in God, and I believe in the power of love. We'll send tons of good prayers and good loving vibes her way !

Thank you for allowing us to share and pray.

With a big, big hug,

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