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bone deterioration

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Has anyone in his group survived massive bone and neck deterioration????

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I am a 50 yr.old woman who was diagnosed with stage 3 MM about a year and a half ago after a year of many very painful fractures in my backbone, collarbone, ribs and pelvic bones. It caused my backbones to partially collapse and i have lost almost 5 inches in height and am now bent over. After the diagnosis, i was x-rayed and found to have soft spots in every bone in my body, including my skull. I am being treated for this by getting a monthly drip of a drug called Zometa, which is strengthening the weak spots. But i was told by a physical therapist i should be very careful not to fall, not to carry heavy things, not to bend over to pick things up and not to make any twisting motions. I also do exercises with weights to strengthen my bones...especially the wrists, hipbones and knees. This disease has really messed up my body (being bent over has affected my breathing) but the treatments seem to be helping, and i am coping with the limitations.

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I am a 49 year old woman who was diagnosed in stage lll 3 years ago. I had several spinal fratures which have left me with a hump in my upper back. I lost 4 inches in height and I too have the difficulty with diminished lung capacity. I get a monthly infusion of zometa. My back always hurts, however, it is so much less painful than when I first became ill, that it's bearable. I try to be cautious with activities and I do stretching exercises.

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