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Tamoxefin plus other drug Side Effects

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I had a lumpectomy (estrogen receptive nodule .05) in February followed by radiation (lymph nodes were all clear). Started on Tamoxefin in June. Other drugs being ingested were ditropan (bladder reconstruction in Sept. '00 and levoxyl. Hot flashes became so bad I was put on Paxil 20 mg. I started to experience dry mouth. Then I developed a hoarseness in my voice that would not go away. I went to see an ENT specialist who examined my vocal cords and said the tamoxefin was causing a thick mucus. He prescribed 2 Gaufenisen (500 mg) 2x a day and told me to continue sipping water all day. Contracted poison ivy that spread systemically through my body, settling in the left arm (cancer side). Took prednisone for 10 days. Got light headed, depressed. Infection in left arm was treated with Zithromax. At end of week even more depressed snf not sleeping. Told by oncologist to stop taking the Tamoxefin and the paxil. Internest told me to increase the Paxil until I saw a Psychiatrist and to stop taking the ditropan and Gaufenisen, which I did.

Has anyone had problems with Tamoxefin?

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Hi Marcy. I've been taking Tamoxifen since Oct. 2000. I've had the usual hot flashes. My period stopped in Oct. but returned this week! Lucky me! I also had my first mammo. since starting Tamoxifen and my breast tissue is thicker than last year which the Radiologist feels is probably caused by the Tamoxifen. Those are the only things I can honestly say were probably from the Tamoxifen. Sorry you're having such a hard time. There are other meds similar to Tamoxifen that you might tolerate better. Speak to your oncologist or GYN and see. I don't think I would give up until I covered all bases. Keep in touch! Cathy

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Does Tamoxefin cause hair loss?

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