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My first day of vacation ! Love to you all !

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Hi there everyone ! Today is my first day of vacation, and I wanted to share my happiness with all of you. The weather is beautiful here in Switzerland. I went to a jazz parade yesterday night in Fribourg. Our little town was alive with excitement and music , it was incredible ! Fribourg is a quaint town, built partly on a cliff. So there is "uptown" and "downtown" literally ! Downtown there are some houses that date back to the middle ages, while uptown many houses date from the 18-19th centuries. (We also have newer buildings, ...and electricity ! LOL )

I wish all of you beautiful summer days, moments of sheer happiness with your loved ones or by yourself. You are in my prayers.

Lots of hugs from Cow Country,

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HI Cathy - I just wanted to wish you a very happy vacation and I hope you get to do everything that you wanted to do. Your country sounds so beautiful - someplace I would just love to visit some day. But for right now, that will be just a dream for me.
Take care & may God be with you.
Love, Lucy

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Just wanted to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday time. It sounds like that is quite a place to live, enjoy.
Look forward to talking to you soon.
Take good care of yourselves,

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Bonnes Vacances, Cathy!

Are you staying home for the vacation time or including some travel?

Enjoy! Love, Jean

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Hi Cathy! Glad to hear from you! It's been a while! I envy you in Switzerland. That's one place I've always wanted to go to. Maybe someday. Glad you're having a great, and relaxing vacation. You deserve it. Keeping you in my thoughts! Keep in touch! HUGS!!! Cathy(in NY)

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