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24 with breast cancer

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I was just diagnosed with breast cancer on April 16,2001 with breast cancer. I'm only 24 years old and would love to talk to someone my age going through the same thing. As of tomorrow, I will finish my Adrimyacin and Cytoxan and then will start weekly taxol and herceptin treatments. I would also love to talk with someone who is HER2 positive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'am older 45 in Aug. and her2 positive. I went through kind of the samechemo with methotroxate and other things along with it. There are alot of us with Her2 positive and taking Herceptin I started back today on it for a year once a week. You will get along fineI know we can beat this and don't listen to anyone who is negative. The Drs. have learned so much in these last few years we are lucky to be at this time. Read the past postings alot of questions and answers on just about any thing you are taking someone has been there and staying strong. My prayers are with you at your younger age1 Sharon

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I am 31 and was diagnosed with breast cancer Jan 3 of this year. I had 2 rounds of Adriamyacin & Cytoxan before they switched me to Taxotere and Herceptin as I am also HER2 positive. I have had 6 cycles of Taxotere so far with weekly Herceptin and still have 2 more to go followed by radiation. I have 2 children 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 and while it hasn't been easy with none of my family close by its been manageable. I had surgery in May and that has been the hardest! So am definately thinking of you! Suzanne

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Your children are around the same ages as mine. I have been doing fairly well. Just finished my fourth and last treatment of A/C. In three weeks I begin weekly treatments of taxol and herceptin. I was dissapointed today when my oncologist told me I had to have my hysterectomy before my reconstruction. It is so upseting. I was really looking forward to my reconstruction. THat has been the hardest part for me. I look forward to the day when I will be all done with this. As soon as my 12 weekly treatments of taxol and herceptin are done, I will have 40 weekly treatments of herceptin. So around this time next year my treatments will all be done. Thank you for your encouraging reply. Carrie

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Hi momof2, I am her2 positive. Not as young as you (35) i start my AC on Aug 3 so have nothing yet to share. I was diagnosed on June 25. Feel free to email me.
How was your AC treatment?
I had a 2.5cm tumour in my breast and the same size in one of my lymph nodes (2/7 positive l.nodes)

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