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Request for Prayer

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I am going to see my oncologist on Thursday for information regarding chemotherapy. I would like prayer that I ask the questions I need to and get clear answers so that I can make a decision regarding this. I have appreciated so very much the information that you all have provided. What a true blessing this group has been, and will continue to be. I'll let you all know what I decide. Thank you so much for your love and support.

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Im praying for you ...God will see you through this.

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heh this is cheryl from tcbangels , I have all of you in my prayers, I will pray for you girl just put your head up & say Lord I give this to you & I'm not going to worry about it, i give it to you & he takes it but don't be like me & take it back, we are weak we are from the flesh it natural thT WE worry about what the worst well thats satan stepping in he wannts us to worry,think positive dont think negative,I'm a fine one to tell you that when it happen to me i thought i was going to go crazy, but pray gal I go tuesday for yearly check up i worry always at this time of the year when radiologist comes out & says its clear i let my breath out say a ok thank you JESUS & that is how you got to cope w/ bc,its there but you dont forget it will always be in back of mine but you have to go on in JESUS name
hugs & prayers
tcbangels -cheryl

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Dear Jayne:
You know you have my prayers and concern always. Just be sure you understand if your tumor was estrogen positive/negative; her2neu positive/negative, etc.
Chemo is very hard on the body--it destroys healthy cells as well as cancer cells. It does damage sometimes that is not reversible. Some chemos cause problems to all the muscus membranes. Some can actually cause secondary cancers in the future. That is why I support the use of Tamoxifen or something like it, over toxic chemos; even though Tamoxifen does have side effect too. They are just not as extreme as the stronger chemicals. My bone mets have responded better to the Tamoxifen than to Taxol. I never saw improvement in bone scans until after finishing the Taxol and the beginning of the Tamoxifen (6 months later). Also, the liver mets are gone since the change over! Tamoxifen is a very effective cancer fighter.
May God be with you in your decisions.
Hugs from Brenda

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Jayne - I will pray for your and your decision. Don't forget to keep in mind the verse that you use as your name in this conference. I looked at a plaque often during my chemo that had this verse - while the A/C was draining and the Taxol had to be give to me weekly instead of once every three weeks I thank God that He has enabled medicine to come this far to offer us sources such as this to fight our disease. I will also pray for your physician that he/she will make the right decision regarding treating you. Let us know how things go.

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Jayne -
I will be praying for you on Thursday and thinking good thoughts.

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You sertainly have my prayers and support I am going on Friday to the Radiation Oncologist and the Chemotherapy Oncologist on Monday to see what the plan of treatment is and I ask for your prayers to help me through.
Jo Ann

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Hi Jo Ann,
Thank you for your prayers. I will certainly be praying for you. God bless you and He will see you through.
Love, Jayne

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