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I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March. Since then I had a masectomy with reconstruction surgery immediately. I made it through chemotherapy now I am dealing with the radiation treatments. I was told after sergery that I had 7 lymphnodes of 9 positive. Most of the woman I talk to that are doing fine did not have any positive lymphnodes. I would like to hear from woman like me with positive nodes that are doing well and what they went through.

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I had 11 out of 14 with a 9 cm. tumor mine was diagnosed in Aug. last year. If you read my story it tells more. Just saw my Onc. last Fri. went through extensivve chemo. had radiation almost 4 weeks ago soon to see my plastic surgeon to finsh the implants. Back on Herceptin tomorrow for 1 year to start with. At this time they tell me I'am doing good we just pray and continue on and hope each year is behind and no reacurance. That is about all they say I can do but, I feel like it is helping with bc. you never know when a new met will come just stay positive trust in your Drs. and the LORD. I asked the same once and was glad there are woman here who have alot of action going and still fighting this beast. If you need any help you are at the right place!!! Sharon

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Hello. I was diagnosed with bc March of 2000. Had 6 positive nodes, went through chemo, 52 treatments of herceptin and radiation and can tell you that I am doing wonderful right now. Feeling great, playing lots of tennis, working, and training for the 60 mile breast cancer walk in October. Put it in your head that you are going to do great and keep trucking! I totally understand what you mean about others you talk to that are doing good and didn't have positive nodes. We are all different and I've met lots of people who are alive years later and had more positive nodes than me. My doctor told me of a patient that had 30 out of 30 positive nodes and is 10 years out now! That will be us!!!!!!!
Take care and keep a positive mind set!!


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Thank you for your note. You helped me alot. I do have a positive attitude. I don't know why it just helps hearing others out there that are kinda like me with the positive nodes and doing great. :) I will keep trunkn and you do the same. I too am getting ready to walk for the Making Strides in Oct. I will think of you!!!

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I wrote a speech about this very thing. In the Gallery, Living Well With Cancer. I had a lump I found, that they wouldn't test it because I showed no signs of being ill and chances were less than 10% it could be. I had 11 of 20 positive and had stage 3, the one lump had spread to lymph nodes in armpit, I knew I had cancer. That was 5 years ago.
I knew deep inside that they knew what they were talking about and I educated myself. I had to do these things that increased my chances of living another day. What every they were, it didn't really matter. I am so thankful that I listened and did what I had to do, just like you. Choices aren't pretty no matter how look at it. I just knew deep down, doing nothing was not going to save me. I now realize that my life has been prolonged when my grandmother and many others haven't been so lucky. I am now grateful for each moment and the simple beauty all around me. Life truly doesn't get any better than this.
You sound to me like you are meeting things head on and that is all any of us can really do. I too found realizing what I had control over and what I did not, had an impact on me. I had my son to think of and still do, so that sort of simplified things, for me.
You go girl and see the light at the end of your tunnel. There will be brighter days to come.

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Hi--I had four ad I asked my dr. and she said that sometimes you see someone with none have a recurrence and sometimes people with 12 go on to live a long life and they don't know why. We have a woman in our spport group who had 12 8 years ago. The worst is behind you now!!! I finished radiation in March and am just beginning to get hair--about an inch or so and it looks awful but I love my wig...think positive thoughts! Robin

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