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Looking to share experiences

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Hello to all..My name is Anna. I have an aunt who is going through radiation treatment for mouth and throat cancer. She asked me if I could search for some one for her to chat with and to share information with. She is 80 and does not have a computer so I am helping her. I would appreciate any responses. Thank you..Anna

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Hi Anna,
It is very good of you to try to ease your Aunts stress by learning from other people.
I have had cancer of the salivary glands twice and have been through radiation alone (7 years ago) and then radiation and chemo together (last year). If you go thru this site and click on the plus signs you can read alot of good information from people's experiences, including mine. This site is somewhat difficult to find past information because you have to go to the plus's but it's worth the effort. If you don't have any luck finding the kind of info you're looking for, let me know and I will fill you in on my experiences.

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I have mouth cancer and have gone through radiation, two major surgeries and one minor surgery. If she needs any moral support as she goes through this I would be happy to respond, either through this forum or if more convienient here is my e-mail
I wish her good luck

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Tom and Marilyn, Thanks so much for responding to my post. I will be in touch. Anna

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Hi Anna,

My name is Burkhard. I am 36 and I have had a tumour removed from my tongue about 5 month ago. 5 weeks later I received 60 Gy radiation to my mouth and neck over 6 weeks.
The first 3 weeks were OK but after that I developed severe inflammation of the lining of the mouth and of the oesophagus. I could eat or rather drink only cold soup and milk shakes until 3 weeks after the radiotherapy.
My salive became like chewing gum and I had to spit it out all the time. My mouth is still drier than it was before the therapy - especially at night. But eating is back to normal.

Hope this was of interest.




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Hello Anna. My name is Ilene and I am battling a reocurrence of Tongue cancer. This year i had surgery followed by radiation. In my case the radiation created severe problems and I was not able to swallow at all after the first four weeks. I have spent almost 3 months in the hospital this summer. I am home now and "eating" through a feeding tube in my stomach. I am feeling pretty well and am starting to be able to swallow liquids again but no solid food. I hope your aunt does not have such serious side effects as I have had. I will say that as much as I dreaded the feeding tub it turned out not to be as bad as I thought.

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Hi Sorry to hear of your problem I think orql cancer is one of the worst cancer theris as it is so disfiguring and plays hell with eating peaking etc wish u all the best

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