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and the skies are not cloudy all day...

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Good news! My MRI and cat scans came out clear! I had worked myself into a frenzy, certain that it had spread to the spine or brain. As it stands the only thing that showed up were the same micronodules (at the exact same size, too) that were on the lungs from my last chest ct scan. Will have another bone scan to make sure everything's okay on that score. So I'm done with the weekly Taxol treatments and I start AC next Tuesday. I'm pumped again! And I talked to a woman yesterday who knows a 15-year survivor of mets. Boy did I need to hear that.

Just wanted to share my news.
You are each in my thoughts and hopes for brighter days. Take care.


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So glad to hear your good news, Holly, and to note your upbeat tone. I often think of you and wonder about the sweet young woman in the big city with the elderly(?) aunt back home.

I hope you are happier now in Chicago and have made some good friends.

Love - and may you have continued good reports,

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Dear Holly:
Hip! Hip! Hurray!! I am so happy for you. Nothing like a good scan result to make your day! We have a lot to celebrate this month!
May God's blessings continue to strengthen you.
Hugs, Brenda

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That is great news , i'm a 6yr cancer free & it does my heart good when i hear reports like this , to know that us woman stand together w/ our LORD & SAVIOR to kill this breast canncer or what ever other kind we have.I had to write when i seen the title of your article when the clouds are not cloudy all day.When I got bc i was so scared because i lost a lot of family, well as time went on i got better on it i;m 6yrs cance rfree but new to computers & talking about it.but the way i went through it was this those clouds are so dark & high winds w/ heavy thunder storms well thats the bad part we have to go through w. the cancer & treatments than you see that sun its starting to peek through those clouds no much but you can see it thats when your treatments are almost to the end the suffering not so bad than that sun is all the way out & shinning so bright again that means you are CANCER FREE theres no more & you can start living again & doing things again because the son is there for you to shine again good luck & may the Lord hold your hand as you go through your treatment this is the time he carrys you thats when there is only one set of footprints & I want you to remember that hes there for you
love in christ
cheryl tcbangels

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Wonderful wonderful news. So glad for you. It makes it all worth while when one of us beats the beast. Love Pam

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