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port-a-cath pain

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I tried once before to send this message but I don't see it in the discussion area. If it's a repeat, I apologize. After six days, I am still having so much pain with my port-a-cath that I want to have it removed? Has anyone else had trouble with it? Has anyone had better luck with a Groshon or some other alternative? Thanks.

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I assume you have reported this to your surgeon! My port only was sore for a few days after I received it; and I had some major bruising. I have had it 10 months now and it has saved my veins! You should not be experiencing pain. Where is it located? (mine is below collar bone) How big is it? (mine is about the size of a nickel). Please check with your surgeon for the pain, which I haven't heard of anyone having before. Keep us updated.
God bless you, Brenda

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Brenda - thanks to you and to others who answered my question about pain with the catheter. I did see my surgeon and he says that I can expect the pain to decrease. In fact, as the swelling has gone down, the pain has gotten better. The catheter is just below the collar bone, just like yours, but it is more the size of a half-dollar than a nickel.

Since I just got back my pathology results and found out I have two positive lymph nodes, I am more committed to sticking with the catheter even if it is uncomfortable. The extra chemo makes it a whole different decision.

Thanks again to all of you for being here.

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I have a port-a-cath and I have had it for about two and a half years. When it was first put in All I felt was a pressure and nothing else after the operation healed I have felt nothing. I had a Groshon back in 1989 and it was terrible. Right after the operation was done I got a plural infusion in one of my lungs and I wound up in the hospital for 6 days. While in the hospital they had to stick a needle in my lung through my back which could have caused my lung to collapse thank God it didn't. After I Got out of the hospital I found out the Groshon was malfunctioning. It was a terrible experience. I would never have one put in again. I am sure after the operation heals you will be fine. To me the port-a-cath is the best thing that happened to me. LilMermaid

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I started out with a Groshon and got along fine. A little tired of the tube hanging as I had trouble with taping it to me. Had this for 8 months then when I had radiation it got irritated and they took it out a month ago and put in a port a cath at first I thought I should have no pain but I did. It felt like a needle poke more intence. Sometomes like stretching a rope took 2 weeks to feel better. I do have tissue expanders so this caused some of the discomfort the surgeon said because of the placement they are close . It is fine now so just give it time I thought the same thing because I start Herceptin next week for an unknown amount of time. Hang in there Sharon

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Hi I just had my medi port removed on Monday after only 9 mths. I had a lot of pain at the beginning, very uncomfortable. Mine was located just under the collar bone, I sleep on my side so it bothered me all the time. For me it's been just as bad having it removed.. but I'm not even a week over surgery so I am hoping it get's better. But I would do it again, it was so easy having chemo (needle insertion I mean) and it saved my veins. Take care.

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