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Lymphedema in my left leg.

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I had radical prostate surgery. Dr. told us we got all of the cancer, just after the surgery; 10 days later he called saying we didn't get it all, radation, chemo. followed, Yea Lymphedma followed. I am currently working ever day at a refinery in Tx. I had a good Physical Theparist who's speciality is Lymphedema. Yes I wear Compression panty hose, insurance covers the hose. will answer if you contact me. There is life after Lymphedema. Roger Kesterson

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I also have lymphedema in my left leg. I have worn support hose from Jobst for many years, but have not undergone massage to help move the fluid. Is it painful? How long have youhad this?

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The message isn't painful, but relief. Please contact me rkester@citgo.com (Roger Kesterson)I maybe able to shed some light on this subject for you.

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I have lymphedema in the right leg from the removal of my lymph nodes in the right groin. I went to a lymphedema therapist to learn massage and exercise. It is not painful, it really relieves a lot of pain and swelling. I massage before I shower and after I shower in the morning. I wear the compression garment during the day and wrap my leg at night. The good thing is I am a massage therapist and I understand how it can help. Contact me at rexstjohn@msn.com if you have any other questions.

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