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Questions about smoking & reconstuction

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Just a quick question. I was a smoker until I was diagnosed and stopped immediately when the plastic surgeon told me how horrible things would turn out if I didn't ( healing with the tissue expanders, etc.) That was in Nov.2000. For some reason, in the past month or two, I have lit up a few times , nothing in excess. I have to admit that I am very addicted to the damned things!!!! Anyway, I used to smoke a pack a day and went cold turkey. Don't know why I have begun to have this urge recently . Possibly because I feel so much better, don't know. My question is: Has anyone gone through the reconstruction while smoking? Even though I have just smoked that little bit ( one a day, 3 or 4days out of the week), could this harm my surgery this Friday? I know that if I mention it to my plastic surgeon he will brow-beat me to death! I have not had a smoke in several days now and don't plan to. Just curious about other folks knowledge of this.
Love & hugs -
Mel in Arkansas

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heh mel
all i know about it is any kind of plastic surgery if you smoke it won't take i had a friend who had a face lift she had to quit smoking for it.i was diagnose w/ bc in 1995 & i smoke right after the doctor told me i had cancer & what was the surgery i wanted well they sent me to plastic surgery depatment for reconstruction the doctor told me i had to quit that day from smoking because i had to be quit for a month befrs they would do surgery.The doctors were putting my masectomy off until than that was the longest they could keep well i just went against it & didn't have the reconstructuion my nerves were to bad to go cold turkey cancer dr told me i didn't need to be inn any stress right than i needed those cigarettes i didn't quit until after chemeo was through with.I haven't had a cigarette in almost 4yrs it took a lot to put them down its hard i know what your going through i will tell you how i did it.When i wanted that cigarette i would say nicotene in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ I commmand you to get out of my body I don't need you ,I don't want you, get behind thee now in JESUS NAME I PRAY.Also say yes to Jesus say no to nicotene ,I will say this the urge wouls go away.i started quiting in jan 1997 & i totally quit in april i haven;t had one since.its hard to do but you will succedd when i quit i start back up& quit again i said i was going to do it until i totally quit & i did in JESUS name GOOOD-LUCK i be praying for you
cheryl tcbangels

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Hi Mel from Arkansas. I am Pippi from New Zealand. I feel for you over the smoking issue. It is bloody hard to give up. I did nearly 3 years a go when I went into hospital for a hip replacement. I have been to scared to even have a puff, i was and still am so addicted. You should be OK. Just don't even risk a puff. Good luck

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Thank you Cheryl and Pippi for your responses. Sounds like you have been there and know the addiction well! Since I posted my message I haven't had one cigarette although I sure have thought about it! I have followed your advice, Cheryl, and asked God to take this urge from me. I know that my surgery is top priority at this moment and I cannot do anything to mess it up!!!
God's love and grace to you both!
Mel in Ark.

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I did not have reconstruction, but I was a smoker. Quit 4 years ago - the day I started chemo. I realized how hard everyone was working to save my life. I can tell you why you are smoking again. You haven't looked all the way to the end of your life and committed to the fact that smoking will no longer be a part of it. I had quit a number if times over the years. Once even for 5 years and was out with a group of friends for drinks and said "Oh, I'll have just one." Joke was on me. A week later I bought a pack and was off and puffing again. As I was sitting in that chair starting my first chemo it came to me. And I literally looked all the way to the end of my life and knew that for the sake of my treatments, for the sake of my health, for the love of my family, for the love of myself that smoking could no longer be a part of my life - EVER. The first few weeks I would have thoughts and sometimes dreams of smoking. But I developed a magic device. Every time I would have those thoughts or images I would imagine I had one of those big red first grade pencils and I would forcefully mark out the pictures in my mind. Pretty soon they didn't come back and I was free. To smoke or not to smoke is a decision only you can make. It has been proven that smoking has a very negative effect of the future of a cancer patient's quality of life. Something to think about!

Best of luck with your surgery and hoping you breath healthy. GLO

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I was a chimney also. That is why my plastic surgeon opted not to give me a tummy tuck. Before my permanent implants the surgeon was concerned. I cut down and quit for 48 hours before the surgery. Im fine and the surgery went well. Dont be concerned if you are not smoking alot.

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