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Praise in the midst of trouble!

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my pastor asked me to share in church last Sunday because alot of members are having troubles of one kind of another and he knows I have a different slant on things. This is something that really blessed me when God showed it to me and maybe it will bless others too........
In Acts 16, Paul and Silas were thrown in prison for performing a healing miracle. It says they were beaten with many stripes and put in stocks and bonds. They were probably in alot of pain, but instead of complaining they sang praises to God. In fact they sang a song of Victory that was So Powerful the prison shook, the doors flew open and their bonds opened. When the sergent of the guard found they hadn't run away, he fell to his knees and professed Faith in God and his entire family also was baptised.The next day they were set free....
When we Praise and Thank God, even in the midst of pain and seeming defeat,we release a Power that enables the Holy spirit to perform miracles in our life and in the lives of everyone around us!
we tend to think of all the good things that happen to us as blessings and the bad things as curses, but many times the bad things end up being the blessing, because those are the things that cause us to grow and become stronger more loving, appreciative compassionate human beings.......lindy

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Lindy, your words are an encouragement to me. It helped me to re-focus. I am newly diagnosed, finished 1 cycle of chemo 11 days ago. WBC dropped yesterday (1400) - but I feel good (Praise God). I just came across this group today & thought I'd check it out. Thank you for sharing. Vicki

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Hi Vicky,

Dropping to only 1400 is excellent for day 11. It's under 500 that is the danger zone and in hospital usually with 200. You are fine. Where I have chemo, they use 1500 to give chemo on time but some hospitals use 1000 to give it.

Best of luck, Jean

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>>>but many times the bad things end up being the blessing, because those are the things that cause us to grow and become stronger more loving, appreciative compassionate human beings.......lindy
This is so true Lindy but I feel that at my age (63) I had been working at this for awhile and had become the above, to a great extent - but not to brag- LOL!There's always a new challenge in life!
Age has to have some benefits and I finally felt I had this 'art of living well - doing the right things and knowing more about interacting with people etc.
What I did find is the goodness of people I did not expect - and other people I expected more from , but they disappointed me.
Love, Jean

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Dear Lindy:
Thank you for sharing your faith with us. It is your outlook that proves how the seed that is sewn in fertile ground can flourish even in the most difficult of times. It seems too many cast their seeds in rocky ground or in weeds! I thank God every day for giving me His strength to hold on even tighter when Satan trys to tempt us away during these overwhelming times. I get strengthen from the scriptures about Christ and his diciples walking past a man who had been blind since birth. One of the disciples asked Jesus who's fault was it that this man was blind - the man's or his parents. Jesus answered him - that neither were to blame--but that God's work could be made manifest through his blindness. The man was put there so Jesus could heal his sight and show the people the power of God. I try to put bad situations in this light--somehow for some reason maybe God is using us so his works can be done. We may never know how our life was of help--but that is okay--as long as we can serve Him in whatever way we are needed. The most difficult thing required of us as God's children is to be willing to accept His will--and not desire our own. We want things to be just perfect, but that will be in Heaven--not on earth.
I do pray that things will continue to improve for you. May God bless you always.
Love & hugs from Brenda

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Thanks for sharing lindy.
Certainly one to think about. You have great courage to speak in front of your congrigation. Wow, go girl............
Many inspiring words I have found.

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