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Thank you one and all for any thoughts or prayers you have sent my way! One of my nurse was so very sweet to fax me copies of scan results today so I would not have to wait until Tuesday--all three nurses are just angels. She told me they looked good, and "Thank God" they were. I will see the oncologist Tuesday. I know nothing will change though, and I will have to continue on the weekly Herceptin to continue helping my body keep this at bay as long as the Good Lord is willing.
Thank you again for being the best support group that exists in my book. Let us continue to pray for one another. I pray that each of you will have good news from your doctor. May God continue His mercy and blessings on each of you.
Love and hugs, Brenda

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Dear Brenda,
What wonderful news! God is so good to us. What a powerful testimony as to what prayer can do! Take care and God bless you.
Love, Jayne

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Wonderful news Brenda!!!

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Congradulations Brenda,
We all know what a relief it is to get through that one. I am with you this is the best place for support I have found. The women here are wonderful and have help restore my faith in our society.
Be good to yourself,

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That is so Great brenda! I was definately praying for you,in fact I told God that you were such a wonderful witness that it was definately to his advantage to keep you around as long as possible!!......luv ya..lindy

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Everyday is a new day with great news to hear about your scans!!! Sharon

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Everyday is a new day with great news to hear about your scans!!! Sharon

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Congratulations on your scans. Hope everything keeps going great. Barbara

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Hi Brenda,

So glad to hear that you had good scans. You are a very brave woman and so supportive to us too - thanks, con't good tests and hugs, Jean

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What wonderful news Brenda. We all need all the good news we can get. I went to the oncologist last week for 3 month check-up. Everything is going good. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Judy

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You've worked hard for this and deserve it. And I appreciate all the encouragement and support you give everyone in this chat room. Warmly - Gay

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Yes, the Good Lord does answer our prayers and thanks for the good news.
God Bless - Lucy

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So happy for you Brenda. Lets all keep everything crossed for continued good results. I had 3rd chemo this morning & for the first time since March my markers are down. Only a little bit but it's the first positive sign since the hormones failed. Isn't good news so uplifting for the spirit. Love to you. Pam

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