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heh all of you out there I have a appointment for my year ccheck-up & I don't feel right on something, I pray & believe its going to be ok but I'm writing you all to say a prayer for me tomorrow that everythings ok, I believe i could have lymphedema I pray & hope thtas what it is it might be nothing but theres something i feel uneasy about so I gave to the LORD.SAY A LITTLE PRYER FOR ME

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Dear Cheryl:
You are always in my thoughts and prayers. All of you feel like friends; after all - we are mostly alike in our fears, needs and hopes--while fighting this horrible disease. We need each other's prayers and support so we can enjoy each beautiful day God gives us on this earth.
Hugs and prayers from Brenda

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Cheryl My prayer's are with you tonight and tomorrow the Lord help's us through each day and you will get through this. Sharon

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Hi Cheryl,
I am praying for you. Hold on tightly to Jesus' hand. You're not going to that appointment alone.
Love, Jayne

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