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It was fat tissue

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Hello everyone. I had the surgery on July 2nd for the very tender lumps on my chest wall. They turned out to be "irritated fat tissue" according to my surgeon. The path report will be back on Friday but he has seen so much of this that I trust him completely. He has to be the best surgeon in the world. He has never hurt me, and the blood loss is always minimal. So far, and I hope this is all, He has done the left mastectomy for cancer with lymph node dissection, insertion and removal of the Port-A-Cath, a laparoscopic cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal), right breast mastectomy for prophylaxis (I just really didn't want it anymore), removal of lumps under the right breast which were suture granulomas and now this biopsy. I have lost maybe a total of 300 cc of blood. I have never had pain with the surgeries, and not even this one. I didn't even get the pain pill prescription filled. If you are in the Houston area and need a good general surgeon, his name is Michael H. Kleinman and he is marvelous. I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you for all the prayers and thoughts. I know this made the good result all possible. I consider all of you very valuable friends and I don't know what I would do without you. You have always been there whenever I needed you, either for a pep talk, a kick in the butt, praise, sympathy or just friendly girl talk. I love each and every one of you. Jane

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Jane-- So good to hear it was just fat tissue!! It's so good that you have such confidence in your surgeon, too. Hope your recovery goes as smoothly as it seems like it will. Take care of yourself.

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Hi Jane, I read your WONDERFUL news in your post to Pam. Tried to send you an email but would not accept your name for some reason. I know that was a real scare for you and am so glad it's over. It is so amazing that our bodies can take so much abuse and still work for us. I had my port-a-cath removed this week and am glad to have it gone. It came out pretty easily and I too, have a great surgeon. I have been lucky to have a whole team of great doctors and nurses. That makes all the difference when we are really sick. Good to have you back. Love to you, Nancy

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Dear Jane:
I am so proud for you! You have my curiosity up--exactly what were your symptoms like--if you don't mind sharing?
This site is a wonderful 'sight' for blurry, tired eyes seeking support. I agree with you 110% about the value of these wonderful ladies.
God bless you, Brenda

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I am always running my hands over my chest and my belly. No No, nothing kinky here! It's a subconscious thing I do now. I felt this tender spot and pressed harder and noticed it was a lump way down deep, close to the muscle. And, it was above where the original tumor had been; where there had been no radiation and no surgery. Of course, my wondrous mind went in 50 different directions. But, I would rather do that and find out that it is nothing than to ignore it and find out a year later that it was something. So, just feel yourself up whenever you feel like it and you can catch these things early. Thanks for the compliments. Jane

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Jane glad to hear the news just checked the postings PRAISE THE LORD!!! Sharon

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