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Survived 2nd chemo

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Hi everyone. I have survived 2nd chemo. Had it on Thursday & what a bad reaction this time. The Zofran did nothing for the nausea. everytime I stood uop I vomited & it bunged me up below so before long I had piles like bunches of grapes & so very constipated. I was also dehydratd & then started a post withdrawal of Megace bleed vaginally. What fun this all is. Anyway after a day stay in hospital we got an emena, the right anti nausea meds & I just have to hang on in there with the bleeding until it sorts itself out. Have caught up with all the messages. Isn't it strange the way the same cries for help are always coming through. Maybe the doctors could do more about alleviating our fears & treating the whole person & not just the disease. Thinking of you all and dreading next chemo on 19th July. CAT scans after that to see if it is working. Love to you all. Pam

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Hang in there Pam....just take it one thing at a time... that is the only way to get through all this... I'm sending you my best wishes and a big hug. Laura

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Pam - You and Rosa are without a doubt the strongest women I have ever encountered. May our good Lord be with you and help both of you over your hurdles. I had another scare, two very tender lumps on the left chest wall right above where the original tumor was. Had surgery yesterday to remove the and they were "irritated fat tissue". Sometimes it just pays to have some extra fat on the body. I sincerely hope your next chemo is not so tough on you. But hang in there, it's all we have, this torture and constant wondering. My thoughts and my prayers are with you continually. Jane

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Pam,so sorry you reacted so badly to the chemo.! Hope the next round is easier for you. My fingers are crossed for you and I pray every night thing get better for you.
Jane,congratulations on the good news all you ladies are so brave. I envy you all! Lots of HUGS to you . Cathy

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Thinking of you Love Pippi

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Hi Pam,

So nice to see a message from you. You are an INSPIRATION to all of us - taking time to send words of encouragement to others when you are having such a difficult time yourself.

May God bless you and give you remission.

Love, Jean

Dexamethasone is given with Zofran here in Buffalo, New York almost as a 'standard.'

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Hi Pam - So glad to hear that you are still fighting so hard and that you got through the 2nd chemo treatment and counting down. You are such a strong person and I know that you will get through this in flying colors. My prayers are with you daily.
God Bless You - Lucy

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Hi Pam, sorry you have had such a rough time with this last treatment. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts & prayers each day. Hang in there. You are such an inspiration to us all. Love, Judy

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Hi Pam, I have to tell you that of all the people I talked to who went thru chem, nobody told me how awfu it was! I have 2 more treatments to go and I am so grateful that the end is finally in site! I take activan, decadron and anzemet for nausea. I guess they help and I usually only thro up once a day for a day or two after chemo. I also get this horrible taste in my mouth for at least a few days that nothing will get rid of. Do you not get anti-nausea drugs with your chemo? Hope the next one isnt as bad. Take care, Lorrie

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Hi Pam
Have you tried ginger root rubbed on to your wrist to help with nausea - I found that sniffing my wrist help me overcome the nausea.
Sorry I don't keep in touch with this site as much as I should - but I do know that you must be one of the most positive person here and I know you are going to be OK.
Good luck with next chemo - a trip down the pub works wonders for me! God bless - Lynne

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My prayers willbe with you. I have my first FAC Monday and I am terrified of what it might cause. Keep us informed.

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