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Effexor for hot flashes

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Has any one else tried this new drug. It is an anti depressent and I take 12.5 gms twice daily. It is definitly helping. I am down to about 3 manageable hot flashes a day. i read about it on the breastcancer.org/res-news web page.

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I started taking Effexor a month ago, Pippi, for relief of depression and hot flashes-- two for the price of one! I take half the standard dosage (37.5 mg once daily) and its working. Based upon what I've read, Effexor is a better choice in anti-depressants because Paxil and certain other drugs increase one's risk of getting breast cancer. I suppose Effexor doesn't screw with your hormones as much.

Are you having any side effects-- jitteriness, etc? Just curious.

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Hi Holly
No I have not had any side effects at all. It would be nice if I got the lack of appetite one as i am putting on weight. I haven't heard that one about Paxil and other drugs increasing your risk of breast cancer.

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My Dr. prescribed Effexor. I opted to take a soy product instead. He reluctantly said it would be OK. The hot flashes stopped the next day. I take Estroven-1 in a.m. and 1 in p.m.(100 mg/soy isoflavones)total. I have not had a hot flash since the day after I started taking them. My Dr. asked about the hot flashes the week following and I told him. He was quite surprised. My thoughts were that at least it is a natural thing and not some other foreign thing going into my body.

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I take 150 mg daily of effexor. I am only 32 years old, but I can't comment about the hot flashes. But what I can say is that effexor makes me sweat...no, I should say, perspire. Mainly on my face. So I can't say that it would be great for hot flashes, but each person could be different. I was on Paxil before, and think that Effexor is so much better. Not as many side effects and I am feeling pretty good...I think that it has even helped me lose some weight.


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