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hair loss

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Is it gradual or does it just suddenly all fall out?

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Everyone is not alike some lose all & some don't I lost mine in blotches i look like i had a mohawk ha!ha!~ a little sense of humor.There is no real good answer on that my dad was taking a bath wash his hair & came out ,my mom lost a lot of hair i seen some that really didn't but heh if di its not that bad,i lost mine in the summer so i didn't wear a hat unless in oublic because where i live its hot in summer so i didnt. well all i can say is good-luck we all know where you coming from, our prayers are with you

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My hair loss was gradual. It fell out in a thinning type way. Every person is different though. I asked my chemo nurses about head covers and they gave me a catolog to choose hats, turbins, wigs, all kinds of choices. It helps to have ordered them, or buy them from a store before hand to have them ready to wear when you need them, if you choose to wear some kind of head cover. At home I just wore a soft night cap or no hat. It gets a bit warm and comfort was important to me.

Please keep in touch through the chat board and let us know how you are doing. :):)


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Hi there, well, I had my first chemo on Jan 28,2000. and by Jan 30 2000, my hair was falling our, I played with my hair alot and noticed it coming out, but then it was falling out in my kids supper dishes and on the counters, so I took my mom with me to the hairdressers and got my head shaved!!
It was really cold so I wore a little night cap to keep my head warm, our temps drop to -40 on cold nights here. I usually wore a ball cap or a bandana, I tried a wig once, but it felt like a dead animal on my scalp, so that got tossed. Each time I started a new type of chemo, my hair would come in a bit, then start to fall out again with the onset of new drugs, so my hubby would shave me down again. Now i am on a new drug that does not cause hair loss, so I have about a quarter inch of hair. I still wear a bandana, but sometimes I say the hell with it and go without. Let people stare I just dont care anymore!!!! My husband likes it, and none of my friends know me with hair(we are military and have a change in friends every couple of years) So buggers on it.
Do what you are comfortable with,stay strong and we will all win this battle together!!
many hugs from Tiger

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My hair fell out gradually, It got real thin, so I shaved my head with the help of my 7 year old son. I figured that it would be easier that way!! I usually just wore a bananda or scarf on my head when we had company. TAke care, Maggie

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