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Breast Cancer returned in the bones

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My mother just started taxol for her third reoccurrence of breast cancer. This time in the bones. Her pain is somewhat bearable but she's sick from the taxol. Any suggestions?

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i didn't tolerate the taxol very well either, so my doctor broke it down from one treatment evry three weeks to a third treatment each week. the pain still there, but much much less than with one whole treatment at one time. and they haven't had to stop the drip and wait for the effects to pass during chemo since i've been on weekly treatments. might be worth a try. it really has helped me.
good luck and my prayers are with you and your mom.

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I have had stage 3 cancer with plenty of lymphnode involvment. I have suffered terribly from all the side affects possible from treatments and drugs. I took three medications that was to help the chronic pain I had but nothing truly helped. Better but still suffering. I heard about Morinda Tahitian Noni and have used it for a over a year now and was able to get off all medication that I took that came with plenty of side affects. www.tahitiannoni.com
just look up NONI FRUIT and there is plenty of information. Good nutrition is important as well. Sick people have a hard time eating, if need to drink it.
Your a good daughter, she is very fortunate to have you looking out for her.
Hope things get better soon,
Quality to our lives very important.

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Thank you so much for the information. I wasn't able to be with her for the past two days and she had basically stopped eating. She is very weak. If one of her girls isn't there, she does not eat. We are worried about dehydration - but she's promised to pump in the gatorade! I'm going to investigate your information on noni fruit. I've read about it in this survivors network - other people have suggested it as well. We were told that she would be on the taxol for the rest of her life. That really is a double edged sword. On one had it will keep the cancer at bay - maybe - and on the other hand she is sick from it. Thank you again for your info and your kinds words.

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