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Sorry I haven't been keeping in touch.

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Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been writing but things have been stressful around here. Money is very tight and I am Anxious about starting the next cycle of chemo. Came through the 4 rounds of TAXOL like a dream. Now on July 16 I will start 4 rounds of FAC. I have heard many horror stories about it. I know they give you something for the nausea but evidently sometimes it doesn't work. Anyway just wanted to check in with everyone and let you know that other than money problems I am doing well. Would like to hear from you.

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Hi Tracy. So glad to hear from you and that everything is allright. When we don't hear from people,that fear comes that you're having a tough time. Glad the 4 Taxol went well. You'll do fine on the next round. Just continue to think positively and remember all the reasons you need to do well! How are those beautiful babies doing? Try to keep in touch. We understand if you can't.This nightmare will end and things will improve. I'll be praying for you. HUGS!!! Cathy

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Dear Tracy:
So glad to see a message from you. Money woes are a real bummer in normal times; but when you are also battling the effects of chemo; and all the worry involved it becomes a double burden. I do not know anything about your next chemo, but I pray your reactions will be minimal and easier than you have heard. Take care of yourself and know you are in my thoughts and prayers. May God give you the strength and faith you need to overcome all obstacles.
Hugs from Brenda (GA)

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Tracy, it is so nice to see one of our lost sheep return!! I have been absent too, but my excuse is just being lazy. If you made it through the Taxol as easy as you did , well then you can get through anything!!!! The Taxol caused me so much pain I could not walk, but keep the strong attitude despite any other troubles and you will pull through with flying colors.
many hugs to you and your family.

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Hi Tracy,
So glad you wrote I was going to send one before reading posts so glad to see your name again out there. Good luck with the next round of treatments I will be thinking of you. Remember fluids and nutritian are a must even if you don't feel like it. Easier said than done I know.
Be good to yourself,
Got to let other things go right now and concentrate on you and getting better.
Everything else will be there when your ready for them. Trust me.
Keeping close at heart

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Hi Tracy,

So glad to hear from you again. If taxol was easy, I don't think you need to worry about FAC. Zofran for nausea is very good - important to take as directed even if you do not feel that you need it - prevention is EVERYTHING.

Most of us had AC- but the F( 5-FU) shouldn't add any misery.

You'll do fine - hope everything else goes smoothly. Thinking of you and sending love and hugs,


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Tracy My prayer's are with you. Ihave had taxol this FAC is that the 5-fu? If so I had 4 rounds along with other chemo I felt the nausea but, with the medicine for nausea survived just felt like I was pregnant for a couple of weeks. They also had me come in the day after and gave me 2 hours of fluids in my IV andkatrol if I spelled it right a nausea medicine they added to my iv. You will get alog fine just keep saying one down 3 to go!!! Sharon

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Hi Tracy, I was so glad to see your message. I have wondered how you were. I'm sure you will do fine on your next treatment. Everyone reacts differently so try not to get to anxious about it. Try to think positive thoughts & remember that we are all here for you & praying for you & your family. I wish you the best. Keep us posted on how you are doing when yo feel like it. Sending positive thoughts & lots of prayers your way. Judy

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Hi Tracy - So glad to hear from you and also to know that you are doing well. I have been wondering about you, and knew that you are still in treatment. I sure hope that the 4 rounds of FAC goes as smooth as the taxol for you. Sorry to hear about your money problems - that is something that will work itself out, just hang in there. My prayers are with you every day. Lucy

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Dear Tracey
Good luck with the FAC rounds. I had a problem with the nausea (I am on the A part Adriamycin) and Vofran did no good at all. Fiannly they put me on Dexamethzone & it is working well after I had to go back into hospital for rehydration & checking on meds. So if the Zofran doesn't work for you try asking for something else. Love & thinking of you. Pam

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