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paxil for hot flashes

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well, it's been a couple of weeks now, and not much change in the hot flashes yet. but i'm told it can take a month to really kick in. meanwhile, i'm not sure if i like the way i'm feeling otherwise. i just feel sort of dull in the brain. and even though there are some really intense feelings right now, both bad and good, i'd still rather be able to feel both than to feel nothing. of course, maybe it's just been this week. after 8 chemo treatments, they finally gave up and put a port in yesterday, i had my first chemo through the port today (i should have had it put in right in the beginning) and i attended the wake of my favorite auntie tonight. her breast cancer went undiagnosed until almost the end. funeral is tomorrow.
maybe i'm just on overload this week. in any case, i'm going to stop the paxil until the chemo is over and all this is behind me and all the other drugs are out of my body. then i might try again.
please excuse the lengthiness of this letter. it's the premed and the during-med and the postmed steroids kicking in. and i just needed to talk and thank you for listening! goodnight all.

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thanks for the thoughts. now that the funeral is over and most of the extended family will be leaving for their homes tonight, perhaps tomorrow will be a good day to relax. i'll surely try. and in the meantime, i'll just keep wearing ice bags under my baseball caps for the flashes!
(gentle) hugs back to you.

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You might want to try Estroven-soy supplement. I had great success with it. I'm doing radiation only but the night sweats & hot flashes were keeping me awake at night until I started the Estroven-1 in the a.m.& 1 in p.m. They went away the day after I started taking them

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