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A question for after treatment

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I was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer February 28, 2000. I am now in remission after radiation and chemo. I still have some health problems like kidneys that only function at 30% of normal and a weak bladder. I did not have a hyterectomy. I do have a question. I know that all of the radiation (both internal and external) has a big effect on your body. I have scars from radiation burns on my backside. I am currently single but am very interested in someone who knows all about my cancer and takes it in stride. Can anyone tell me if sex is possible? I am afraid that after all of the radiation, it will be painful. I am afraid to even try. I am putting off getting close to anyone because of this fear. Can anyone help with an answer?

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You sound a lot like me... stage 3B cervical cancer diagnosed January 17, had the chemo and radiation also. Yes, sex is possible, even preferable to what I am sure the doctors already told you... that you have to dilate after all that radiation to keep the vagina from shortening. I hate using the dilator but if you have sex on a regular basis you don't need to use it. Sex is somewhat uncomfortable the first two or three times after the radiation (especially if you DON'T use a dilator, but after that it is not a problem. Don't let a little thing like this get you down or keep you from getting close to someone - the sex will be fine.

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I had only had external radiation "4 zaps a day for 6 wks" fortunately I did not get any burns, after my surgery. A year later I met a guy, I told him my history, he was ok with that. As for intercourse I didn't have any problems, but if I were you, would consult my dr. I was told that the muscles in that area can shrink and to use a candle with a rubber on it so that the muscles wouldn't contract

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Your oncologist should have complete information on this, if not, your local cancer society will.

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Yes, with internal and sometimes external radiation it will be painful to have sex because of your low vaginal excretions.if your going to try it try it with someone who understands what's going on and take it slow.I also have stage IV-A cervical cancer and am 22 years old, none of my treatments are working it is in progression(not responding to treatment) so just pray for me

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Hello, I too was treated with the same.It has been four years now.The Doctor gave me a plastic dialator,use it, when sex is not there. I used mine for a while, had a relationship for a year. I stopped and now it may be too late.You CAN have sex, a loving man would be great, but untill then. Use the toys!

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