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mother died may 30 of pancreatic cancer

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mom died 58 days after being diagnosed, i cared for her in my home. i am very angry about her death, she never had any tests done on her even though she complained of pain for 8 months

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My father dies 5 weeks after being diagnosed. We still don't have any answers as to what type of cancer he really had. My email address is lilpenguin@prodigy.net

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I am so sorry to hear of your mother my dad was just diagnosed in May and he came home from the hosp. at the end of June to my house It is very hard taking care of him and I really do not know how much time he has left. My dad complained of pain for 2 months befor they found the reason why now his tumor is the size of an orange and they can not remove it. It is so depressing. he is only 71 I pray every day will get better for you. My mom died 10 yrs ago of lung cancer and I am still angry because she was only 54 I miss her still every day. Just know you did a great favor to your mom taking care of her at home. you know her last days were better for it.

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