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Need Suggestions

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Hello! My brother was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the esophagus in March 2001. Unfortunately, it is Stage IV and surgery is not an option. He has a feeding tube in place but radiation shrunk the tumor so he could start to eat again. But the chemo is causing excess saliva, mouth sores and a rash making it once again difficult to eat. Any suggestions on what he can do or I can do to ease this? Any food ideas? Thanks!

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Hi. I was diagnosed with EC in June 1998. I underwent chemo and radiation prior to surgery. The 5FU chemo is terrible and mouth sores, etc are a normal side effect. I was perscribed a liquid medication that I would slosh around in my mouth and then swallow. It did help somewhat. I can't find the info on the medication but your gastro or oncologist Dr. should know. During the time I was on chemo and radiation I did not eat much and did lose weight. After the chemo/rad was over (prior to surgery)my appetite did return and I gained weight and energy. I lived on popsicles (grape - yum)and chicken consumme and occasionaly ramen noodles. Please tell your brother that he is not alone and not to give up.

You might want to check out www.gicare.com.

Goodluck, Bruce

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Please ask your doctors for Magic Mouth...Mouth wash it may help..

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