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Last Mon. they took out my Groshon and put in a port-a-cath. The groshon was getting red around the skin from my radiation. Found out i'a, allergic to sterry strips started getting little blisters on the insi. site so they removed the strips the blistters are better now getting use to another new body addition. So far I hear ladies like the port-a-cath have not used it yet needs to heal a little bit. I can feel it when I raise my arms some but,maybe that will change after the swelling goes down plus having those tissue expanders they put it a little farther over and up out of the way any input on how you get along with them? Sharon

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Dear Sharon:
I have had my port since last September and have not had any problems. Mine is located just below the collar bone; and it was accessed the first time about 4 days after receiving it. It stings a bit when tiny needle is inserted, but only for a second---much, much better than directly into hand or arm vein. Your blood count can be taken from it also. They advised me to take one mg. cumadin or baby aspirin a day just in case of clot.
May God bless you always,

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Thank you Brenda for the info I will pick up some baby asprin tommorow. Sharon

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I had a port a-cat put in when I had breast cancer, I had what you called rolling veins,doctors couldn't take chance with me having adrimicin.When they did surgery it hurt for about 3-5 days but the worst was the first 2 days,I never had problemns with it .The medical institute I went to had what you called akit.They would give a shot of novacane to numb the skin area before they put needle in.It is so much better with a ort a-cat.They took mine out when I hit my 5yr cancer dree It feels funny not to feel that big bump I miss my little fellow I was so use to having it .That it feels funny not to have it no more good luck & may the Lord be with you Cheryl

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Hello Sharon, I had the port-a-cath and am just now going to have it removed (july 3rd). I did very well with it. I was always aware that it was there just below my colar-bone and I do not sleep as well with it, because I am always fearful of cramping it. The Onco nurses told me that I could not hurt it and to stop being concerned about it. I just found out that my surgeon will remove it in her office. I was not advised to use aspirin, and I would ask my Onco before taking any aspirin to be sure that is ok for you to do. Each person is different. The nurses would numb the port before using it for the chemo but several ladies did not have their's numbed and said it was just a mild sting. Hope you do well with your port. Love to you, Nancy

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I had a one and it was just a touch sensitive if I rubbed that area or was bumped. As for the needle sticks - my sister told me about EMLA cream which is a lidocaine topical. I asked my oncologist for some and he wrote out the scrip. You use it and feel none of the sticks. Just having that lack of pain made my chemo treatments so much better. Debw

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I used the port-a-cath when I was taking chemo, and my mother did also. I did not have any problems with this other than once in a while it would get a little sore. My doctor would always give me a little numbing cream to put on top of mine so that when they placed the needle in it would not hurt. Worked great! My mom's doctor did not give her the numbing cream, she said it was quite painful to have the needle put into this area. So ask your doctor about the cream. May you have the best of luck, and may God bless you.

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