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Vaginal itching driving me crazy!!! Anyone else?

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I just had my second dose of AC and have terrible vaginal itching. Had it a little after the first, but now it is awful. Kept me up most of the night. Anyone else had this? Can anyone offer some ideas for relief. I hate to call the doctor on the weekend for this, but may have to. Got to have some sleep! Thanks

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I don't have your problemn, but i can tell you something that might help I stay with yeast infection a lot & this stuff works , my nephew gets it for when he goes fishing a lot he gets rashes & it helps him for that so maybe give it a try until you can talk to doctor.Its call VAGISIL TALC-FREE FEMININE PD DOUBLE PROTECTION STOPS BACTERIA & ITCHING GET IT AT WALMARTS OR ANY DRUG STORES THEY HAVE CREAM AS WELL ITS GOOD I HOPE IT WILL HELP YOU

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My mom had a horrible yeast infection after her 2nd chemo treatment. her dr. gave her diflucan which is a 1 time pill and it takes 2-4 days to work. In the mean time she used monistat cream for the itching, and to help along with the diflucan.
Good Luck!

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AC leaves you vulnerable to all kinds of yeast infections...I had to use some monistat cream after every treatment. my doctor gave me some diflucan for [mouth sores], which are also yeast caused, and it does work ,if you can get yours to give you some... but the cream works just as well and you can just go get it at the grocery store....lindy

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Another thing you might want to try is to sit in a warm bath with some baking soda dissolved in it or some Aveno(stuff you soak kids in during chicken pox) That should relieve some of the external itching assoc. with yeast infections. Cathy

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