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E/R, P/R Negative

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any info and e/r or p/r negative. I am negative, I understand with positive that you go on tamoxofin for 5 years, is there any special treatment for negative? I would appreciate any advise you might have. I have BC, finished 4 a/c had my 2nd taxol yesterday.

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I was negative and only know that I wasn't a candidate for tamoxofin. I didn't have any other treatment. Other than surgeries.
Hope you are managing your treatments well enough. You are close at heart.

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Hi, I am also er and pr negative. Am having 4 rounds of a/c followed by six weeks of radiation. No other special treatments that I am aware of. Good luck with your treatment.

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Hello Florence, I am almost a five year survivor. I also was P/E negative. I had four treaments of AC and that was all. I'm still clear. Good luck with your treatments...

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Hi Florence, I was E/R Neg. but, P/R Pos. confused my Onc. I'am 44 so he checked to see if I was Postmeno. which I'am. So that is why I was both not very common but, leave it to me to be different!!! I will start Tamoxifin on Mon. he did some checking and decided that would still give me the best options. I'am not still learning alot about this frustrating BC but put my life in their hands and go with it. Sharon

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