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breast lumps

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would anyone please share with me how you discovered your lump and how it felt, and size. was it moveable, very hard, or what. did you have any other symptoms. how terrible is chemo. can you even function through it.

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Mostly people notice a lump by accident as when soaping up in the shower etc.Lumps come in all sized and shapes!!

If you found a lump and if you are young especially, insist that it gets checked out. Do not take the recommendation: let's wait and see." That would be all right for a month to see if there is a change if you are still having periods. But do see the doctor.

Of course a person can function during chemo-aren't we writing on this network etc. Some people go to work every day.

Don't pile on all future worries ahead of time- just check out the lump first.

Good Luck, Jean

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Hi Cindi, Jean is right, dont worry about something until you have to!!! If you have a lump, get it checked right away, If you are on your period it could be cysts, but if it persists, demand a mammo and if a lump shows up deman a Surgical Biopsy. A needle biopsy is not always accurate. Sometimes they go outside of the lump and only draw normal tissue ,not lump tissue.
I did not feel my lump, I had bleeding and white discharge from my nipple. Because of my age, my dr did not feel it was cancerous. Nobody could even feel a lump, but after nagging for a few months, a mammo showed six tumours, none felt by hand. Then a surgical biopsy proved cancer. I had a mastectomy a the lumps were tooo spread out to remove one by one. An ultra sound a week later showed the tumours in my liver. I have been on chemo for 17 months now and am functioning pretty well. At first I had bad days and good days, but once I accepted what was going on, I sucked it up and started to carry on with life. No sense in sitting around crying over something that you cannot change.You can stay strong,positive, and fight back with everything you have. There really is no other option is there?
We will survive, we will kick cancers ***!!!!!
Hang tough and let us know. Dont take this sitting down, be strong and tell your dr what you want, dont let them dissuade you in your choices.
love and hugs from Tiger

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Heh Cindy
Jean & Tiger are right don't think ahead that you have cancer it could just be a little cyst,but I would have it check out if it keeps being there. my daughter had one & it was a fibroid mass they just keep an eye on it .If you feel something is wrong make the Doctor check you out & insist on a mammogram best to be on safe side,They are right don't think about chemeo you might not need that but if it is this is medicine to make you better I tell you this much I had 6months chemeo & I only threw up on the last treatment my Lord was there helping me so don;t worry just keep your faith Jesus loves you

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cindi i found a moveable lump under my arm then went to doctor who found one in breast. had lumpectomy and lymph dissection on 3/22 - 1 of 11 nodes were positive (the one i found) just finished 4 rounds of a/c have 4 taxol and 6 weeks radiation left- not any funs but i can function about 5 days after each treatment. only other symptons (not sure if related in any way) were back and neck ache for about 1 month prior. otherwise healthy. How about you? Cathy

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I found both lumps I had one in the right breast first and then in the right arm pit. Both times the lumps were the size of the end of my baby finger. My lumps both moved around somewhat. The lump in my arm pit grew to the size of a gulf ball in just one week. I have a speech I gave to a Living Well With Cancer conference and I think it could help with some of your questions please read. You can click on my name and it will bring you to my personal page and there at the bottom is my contribution to the GALLERY.
If you are interested,

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cindi, I found my lump in a self breast exam one night. I kept checking it for about a month and a half... then I went to the doctor. He said wait a month or two and come back. "It's probably nothing" About a month later I found a new doctor who also said it's probably nothing but... lets send you for a mamogram. I was 32 at the time. By this time the lump was pretty big. 4.5cm. After the mamo then an ultra sound. Then they suggested a biopsy. Like I said the tumor was 4.5cm it was hard, I dont remeber it moving... and no other symptoms. I was perfectly healthy.. so I thought. I had 4 treaments of Chemo. They kicked my butt for about 4 days. But I did work through it all. My boss was very supporative. I worked when I felt good.. and worked at home if I didnt feel like going to the office.
Cindi... if you have a fear of developing cancer and dealing with it. Let me tell you.. I recall saying one day when I was very young. I could handle anything in life but Breast Cancer.... well guess what... I had Breast Cancer almost 5 years ago.. and I handled it and I'll tell you.. I handled it damn well... by taking things one step at a time. One day one hour.. or one minute at a time. That's what we do when we fight this.

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DEar CIndi
I found my lump with a self examination in the shower. It was small, hard & pea sized next to my nipple. I went straight to the doctor & the rest of my story is on my webpage. However now that I have metastatic disease after 19/20 years its a whole new ball game. I have been treated with hormones to stop the growth of the lung & bone tumors but to no avail. They have all failed after 10 months. I am now in chemo - adriamycin - for 6 cycles then CMF for 6 cycles. I am just about bald - my daughter is shaving of the rest today & I have my second chemo on Thursday. Yes you can function through it. It really depends on your state of mind & which chemo you have & how it affects you. I managed to keep working with 4 days off for the worst of the nausea & temperature swings but I have only managed parttime since as I get too tired. I have such an understanding employer & he says he wants to keep me if at all possible & will get temps in to pick up the excess. What a lucky person I am. Everyone has their own experience of chemo but I think how you cope with it is mainly a state of mind. If you visualize positively on your wanted outcome & convince yourself you can do it - you will. We on this site will give you all the help & support we can but only you can reach your inner resouces that belive me are there. I have found so much strength & support from everyone here on this site that I am not sure I could have done it without them - especially Tiger, Nancy & Ellen in the beginning. There are some really positive sides to this disease like the strength you find & the wonderful amazing people you meet & contact. So take a deep breathe & take the plunge. God loves you as we all do. Lots of Love.

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