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2nd Chemo next week

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Hi everyone.
Sorry I have not been very active in the group lately but the chemo really knocked me energy wise for some time. I maanged with minimal nausea & vomiting but had major temperature swings & as I was on Adriomycin that has to be watched as a fever is so dangerous. I am scheduled for 2nd chemo next Thursday providing bloods are OK.

I expect much the same reaction so forgive me if I am not too active but right now I seem to need to give myself all my strength in this last ditch effort to beat the mets. I will read the messages & of course will respond to anyone who is where I have been or where I am right now as I know that sort of encouragement is all important. There seem to be so many new names on the board now who are taking up the flag , so to speak, that it it all seems to bode well for the strength of our group. God bless you all who are still in my prayers everyday. Love you all so much. Pam

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Hi Pam! So sorry you're having such a hard time,but be patient, we know you'll beat the BEAST!!! I certainly miss hearing from you but understand your need to take care of yourself. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep in touch when you are able. Wish I could be there to help you! I'm there in spirit! HUGS!!!!! Cathy

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HI Pam, it was good to hear from you again. You do what you need to do to get yourself well. I have been gone quit a bit lately so I have not been on here much & I am behind on reading all the posts here. Lots of new people to have to go through all of this. I have continued to keep you all in my prayers while I was gone that you each have the strength & guidance to get through treatments, surgeries or whatever you are facing. Take care of yourself first, that is the most important thing. Let us hear from you when you feel like it. Judy

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Hi Pam - So glad to hear from you and sure hope that your second treatment is a little easier for you. You are such a strong person and I admire you so much. My prayers will continue to be with you and remember to keep the "positive attitude".
Love, Lucy

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Hi Pam,

Don't worry about the rest of us now !! You are #1 and I'll be thinking of and praying for you with these treatments.

Do they have Zofran in NZ because it seems to be the best for nausea (no need to answer) - just a suggestion because without nausea you will be stronger.

Good luck, hugs and love, Jean

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Hi Pam,
I keep you in my prayers.
I got plotted out for my radiation today finally. they have kept me waiting around to the really hottest weather we are likely to have, then give me rad.

Did you ever have them plot you out with permanent markers and then tell you not to let the lines fade or run because all these drawings have to stay for the entire time?

Well that is what is going on with me.

I am also co-authoring an article for an herbal web site on Black Cohosh for hot flashes.

I also work in plugs for bovine colostrum wherever I can cause it sure has kept me on keel.

I hope you can keep infections at bay and that the chemo halts the mets.

I will keep the prayers going and send you and John my hugs.
love you so much, cher

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Dear Cher
I have had so many plots on my spine (I've had 5 different spots done) that I look like a join the dots puzzle. I wash off the semi-permanant marker, especially the ones on the top of my neck as they show but the little tattoos are there for good. I did ask for a tasteful little butterfly but all I got was a speaking look.
Interesting the article on black cohosh. It is used in so many herbal preparations for menopause symptoms. I would love to see a copy when finished if you could e-mail it to me at triggsfam@xtra.co.nz.
We have all the anti-nausea meds here including Zofran but they all seemed hopeless. Then I got a homeopathic remedy called "nausyn" & it worked quite well. Also I am taking Astragalus/Reishi mix called Astraforte to help my immune system bounce back. A word of caution I have just received on bovine colostrum. It seems that men taking it with prostate cancer are having raised PSA levels so there are some investigations being done. Meanwhile my naturopath friend recommended not taking it until more is known. Will keep you posted.

Lots of love

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Hi Pam, I just went back and read your web page again and there was your picture!! I must get a picture on my page. We have all been talking to one another for almost a year, through this site. I read your poem, "I WISH" and those are my feelings toward your struggle. I wish, I wish, I wish. You are such a remarkable woman and everyone here on this site has been touched by your courage and strength. This treatment WILL WORK..I know that GOD has a plan for your life. You are beautiful on the outside and so beautiful on the inside, too. Keep happy thoughts and watch funny movies and laugh as much as you can. Keep those endorphines pumping. Lots of love to you, Nancy

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You are in my thoughts, Pam. I am beaming you positive vibrations that your treatment goes well next Thursday. Remember you have so many people rooting for you. Keep your head up. You and Tiger and 24242 are inspiring.

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Pam - Adriamycin is a real *****, pardon my French. Everytime I had to take it I was knocked down for a few days. I had to receive it continuously every day for four days and wore a pump in a fanny pack. Do you have to do the same? It is a good drug, though. Just remember, whatever it is doing to you, it is much worse on the cancer. You are in my prayers. I wish you nothing but the best. You have the be the most courageous fighter I have ever come in contact with. You are an inspiration to me. Now that I am faced with possible recurrence, I'll find out on July 2nd, I need an inspiration like you to keep my spirits flowing high. Hang in there. Whatever I can do for you, please let me know. A Texas jackalope maybe? A little hot salsa? Some Tex-Mex Mexical food? A few jalapenos? Maybe just some great old iced tea? Whatever, I send it to you. Love you. Jane

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