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ct scans and bone scans

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Hello to all. I'm new to the group, but I feel linked to all of you. I had a double mastectomy 14 months ago. I went through four A/C chemotherapy treatments. I have had a diagnosis of osteoporosis for a few years. My concern: I have broken two ribs in the last few months, and have very little idea how I have done so! Am I that fragile? I plan to talk to my endocrinologist and oncologist, but I'm curious to know if any of you have been breaking bones?! Also, my oncolgist, who hung the moon, continues to have me take bone scans, CT scans, and MRI's, over every small abnormality. I rejoice that he is so thorough, but I feel very vulnerable when every 3 months I have to go through the same routine. I always check out o.k.!
Anyone else punchy about having so many tests?

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Hi and welcome,
Osteoporosis causes bones to get brittle and break if you sneeze too hard--from what I know of women who have it. Also, bone cancer can do the same. WE need the scans to keep up with cancer to make sure it is not spreading to new spots. It is a very sneaky and self reliant disease--sometimes it seems it has a mind of its own and can outwit treatments. Anything so volatile must be checked often--you know--it is better to err on the side of caution and be wrong than the opposite. I just wish that at least a c-scan would become a routine test for all breast cancer patients--no matter if there is no lymph involvement.
Too many people that I personally know have thought they were clear only to find out a year or so later that it is still there. Maybe if it had been found by an early scan the treatment could have been early enough to have stopped it.
Sorry, you didn't ask for a lecture. I am just so overly cautious now; and will never take what cancer can do for granted!
Has your doctor suggested Aredia? It is not chemo but just for repairing of weaken bones. It has been a miracle drug so far for me; and is suppose to help osteoporosis as well.
God bless you,
Brenda from GA.

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Hi to y'all

My doctors say that micrometastases are not picked up by CT scans so symptoms are what they go on. I did read this somewhere in the literature also.

Too much or too little - how does anyone know - even the doctors can't agree!

Good weekend to all.


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It isn't fun when we have to continually spend our time in doctors offices and having tests. Like you I experienced many pains because of nervous disorders and arthritis. It took over 2 years to battle all my pain but I finally have found a life worth living. Like you I was on top of all I was feeling and wouldn't settle for a life with no quality to it because of the pain.
Hang in there and don't let up, this is how you will help yourself. I can understand how you feel but know that you too will find a day full of hope and joy.
Be good to yourself,

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