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Breast cancer my own story

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Hello out there I'm new to computers but not to breast cancer.I would like to share my story with all of you who wants to read this letter on my cancer.I got cancer 6yrs ago, I had a boil on my right breast that just wouldn't go away ,it just stayed there it would flare up than go back down.I was at work & I felt my Mom right there she been dead for 10yrs so I made the appointment well they found something but it wasnt on my right it was my left.They did a biopsy it came back cancer.I could of had a lumnectomy , but I went with a radical because so many members of my family had died of cancer.It was hard on me but I had the best husband who help me through this plus the love of all my family.When I lost my hair ,I was crying so hard my husband finish shaving the rest off, I was sitting in the kitchen with my daughter & my husband came out with all his hair off.He look at me & said we are twins now.I cry so hard to know a man loved me that much he did that for me.What I'm trying to say is this so many woman die of this disease ,I want to get this letter out to all woman over the whole world to tell them if they would go have their yearly mammograms & check their breast every month we could end this war against breast cancer.I know some woman are scared their husbands won't love them no more well if he don't she didn't need him anyway mine stood right by my side & help me through this.Also woman are scared to go on fear they have breast cancer well if they would go it could be caught in time but you need to have that mammogram think about it on your birthday where you won't forget to have it.Woman lets stand together with our Lord & break this chain of breast cancer .Lets kill breast cancer instaesd of it killing us Thank -you for listening & I pray that this story will help one woman from getting breast cancer & thats all that matters
love in Our Lord Jesus Christ

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Dear Cheryl:
Thank you for your story. You have an angel for a husband and I am proud to say I do too. He would have shaved his head, but nature had already done it before!!!! So we matched for awhile.
The people who really need to get the message for breast self exams are the twenty year olds--so much more cancer in the young, and most of them do not think it is something to worry about at their age. I did because I had a benign lump removed when I was barely 21. So everyone please remind the young women in your lives to keep a closer check on themselves, because too many doctors do not even realize how cancer is affecting the young, and do not even recommend a mammogram for people under 40!
Let's get the word out to all who will listen. May God bless you each day.
Love and hugs to each of you,

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thanks for the reply, & I know what you mean my daughter is 31 yrs old she has a fibroid cyst in her breast the Doctors said for her not to worry about it but I do because I'm her Mom & I had breast cancer. I wish everybody would just get out there & get these young children to worry about it because if it goes undetected it can kill you thank you Brenda for listening

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Thank you so much for support of young women. I am only 24 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer in April. I thank the Lord everyday that my Dr. acted so quickly on the lump that I found. Within 2 weeks of finding my lump, I was in surgery for a radical double mastectomy. I only had cancer in the right breast, but opted to take both due to my age and family history of cancer. Unfortunatley a friend of mine wasn't so fortunate with her breast cancer. Her Dr. told her she was to young for a mammogram at the age of 25. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26. She recently passed away at the age of 32 due to an ignorant Dr. who believed that breast cancer doesn't happen to us young women. I wish that more people would see that it can happen to young women. My friend and I are proof that it does in fact happen. I wish more people were like us in pressing the issue with young women. Your support in this matter means more to me than you will ever know. God Bless You! Carrie

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So many women here need to hear stories like yours and mine. My son ended up shaving his head after his friend had done mine. I was the third mother of a friend this boy used is clippers on. My son didn't shave his right away but with in the first week he came home to my surprise. Both our heads of hair grew in dark we were both blonde. I think this was the first gesture I saw from him that he wanted to truly be apart of what I was going through, he was just 15.
You are very fortunate for the love you found surrounding you, we all are.

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