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paxil for hot flashes

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like many of you, i stopped having periods after a few chemo sessions and started having flashes. these are not the hot flashes my mother told me about. these are atomic 4 hour, wear baggies filled with ice under your baseball cap flashes. anyway, i've read some very promising things about paxil (the antidepressant) working miracles for flashes. i spoke to my onc today during chemo and he agreed, said it wouldn't hurt to take it during chemo (i have 6 more weekly sessions) and even if i'm not experiencing clinical depression now, with all the stuff that's happened in the past few months, i could be after it's all over and it couldn't hurt to start now. so-i'll start tomorrow and report back in a week with any results, good or bad.
keep good thoughts and remember, we are not alone.
deb in fla

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Hi Deb,
Let me know if paxil works. I've been on Effexor for over a year now and recently started taking trazadone along with it. It hasn't gotten rid of my hot flashes yet.Please let me know how paxil works for you. Thanks, Nelda

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Hi, I've been on tamoxifen for almost a year. The hot flashes were very intense the first few months, tapered off a bit and seem to have increased again. My oncologist suggested paxil also. I may try it when I see her in mid July. I like being a "hot number" but with summer almost here I'm finding warmer temperatures more difficult to tolerate. I would love to hear from others who have tried paxil for hot flashes too. Thanks for bringing the subject up. Love, Luckyj

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