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Seed Implant

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Would like to know what side effects have been experienced with this proceedure

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Kenwood, you can read my story at the following http://pages.prodigy.net/dgaarder/info.html where I give the side effects I had. Remember everyone is different and some more sensitive than others. All the macho guys are going to tell you that all these PC treatments are a piece of cake. Don`t believe them. Send an e-mail if you want more details. Dennis

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I had my implants Monday and the catheter removed Tuesday. So far, everything is great but won't have the treatments till after the holidays, but the surgery implants were painless and uneventful. The catheter removal hurt for about 5 seconds then no pain. As you have read much on here, everyone has a different view and experience. I can only tell you so far I am so glad I chose this route. Unfortunately most of what we read post op is the failures or the complications.
I think I got the best implant surgeon in the country if not the world at RCofGA in Decatur, Ga. He is Dr. Critz. I could be totally wrong and my treatments may fail, but so far all is great. No incontinence or pain. there is blood in my semen but that is natural until it clears out. blood in my urine the first time then none.
Good luck Keep me posted on what you decide and how it goes.
you can check out my posts earlier gadan1

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