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Hear the Tigers Roar!!!

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Hi there all!!!! Sorry I have been absent for so long, but this new Xeloda treatment has had some funky effects on my hands and feet. I kind of needed a break from the site too, I was getting a bit depressed with all the new people. When you dont have cancer you dont think about it, but when you have it, all of a sudden it smothers you. My motto is to say "piss on this, lets have some fun!!" But that gets a little old after awhile and sometimes you just need to remove yourself for awhile and regain some perspective on a "normal" life. Huh, what is normal?? Certainly not me!!! I received the most wonderful email from Catherine in Switzerland, it is so nice to know that I am still thought about even though I have gone AWOL, kind og the same way I gave all of you hell for doing!!!!
The weather here is so hot and humid, other than having sausages for toes and fingers, I am fine. I find I am tired though, and most of it is from the heat. We need a good thunderstorm tonight.
Well, I am going to sit in a cold tub of water and try to eliminate this film of sweat I have accumulated. Nice thought to leave you with eh?!!!
Oh yes, since starting the Xeloda, most of my pain in the right side ( liver) has gone!!!! ct scan in a week, then onco visit on July 9. Will let you know how it went.
Remember ladies, even though I may be silent for awile, I am always with you in spirit, and you are always in my heart and my prayers.
Lets kick some cancer ***!!!!!!!
love to you all.

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Dear Rosa:
It is so nice to hear the tiger roar again! Good luck with the xeloda--I hope it has destroyed the liver leisions. I have all my scans on July 10 and see doctor the 17th. I will be praying we both hear some good news. Love and hugs from Brenda

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Dear Rosa,

Your roar is music to my ears! So good to hear your upbeat news.

PLEASE use the wheelchair the whole time for the relay. Give your body, esp. those feet, a rest fora better chance to fight this. Conserve your strength even if you're in roarin' good spirits again.

We have some great people here as we help each other.

Love, Jean

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So good to see you back Tiger, and so good to hear this *#%@|* pain in your liver is being beatten to a pulp ! (excuse my French, I AM French !) Hooray for Xeloda, too !

Next time you go AWOL you'd better let one of us in the know. Otherwise, you know now that we'll come after your butt ! The same goes to all of you out there, BEWARE !

With a big huge hug from Switzerland,

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Glad to finally hear a word from you Tiger. Glad to hear things have been looking up for you. We love you girl and understand your need. Be good to yourself,

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So good to hear from you. Enjoyed your post very much. Sorry to hear the chemo is causing your hands and feet to trouble you. Sure am happy to hear your pain has eased. We will be praying for you every day.

I am fairly new to the site and had been wondering where you were. You are one of the reasons I keep coming back. I read alot more than I write but I find it very helpful.

Take care.


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Hi Tiger - So very glad to hear that you are doing so good and I will keep on praying for you. You have been in my thoughts and your post has answered some of our prayers.
God be with you - Love, Lucy

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Hi Sweetie, I am glad you can ROAR, but I am waiting to hear you PURRRRR. And that purr is going to come real soon....How I do admire you for going on this relay in a wheelchair. And hubby for doing the pushing....Hope my picture did not scare you away, you should have it by now and I forgot to tell you that I am 50 pounds thinner now than in the picture. Hope you are feeling better and better with each passing day. Love you, Nancy

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