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Post-Prostate Cancer Surgery

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It has been 11 days since my prostate removal surgery and I still have drains in the surgergical area. One of the drains is removing about 300 ml of urine a day. The doctor says the drains must remain in until they are down to less than 30ml a day. Has anyone else experienced this situation? My response from the doctor was not to worry, it just takes time to heal, but others who have the surgery had the drains for no more than 7 days. I am starting to worry that I have a hole in the bladder that is not going to heal. Thanks for any insight someone may have.

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I have never heard of this happening, I suggest you see another urologist as soon as possible, you may end up with serious complications.

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As a physician and patient, I went home on post-op day 4 with my drain flowing as much as 500 cc in 8 hours. It was unnerving, but no harm done. It did gradually diminish over the next several days and the drain came out on about post-op day 10. Tell your surgeon you're scared, but expect that he won't likely put you at serious risk over something like this. Frank or gross bloody drainage, or pain in the drain site, or pus around the drain merit an immediate exam.

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Do you have a catheter? I had the drains for three days and a catheter for three weeks. I haven't heard of drains to remove urine. I would check with another Doctor right away. Let us know what happens. Good Luck

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I haven`t ever heard of this, you need to see another specialist right away, get on the phone and do it now, today.

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GOod morning. I am in the pre surgery (Perineal RP) phase and would be interested in hearing about your dealings with the catheter in addition to what type of activities you undertook while you had the catheter implanted. I am also interested in hearing how things have turned out for you. GBY

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