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Donating a Mammogram

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Good Morning Everyone, The breast cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to met their quota of donating at least one mammogram a day to a woman who may have not otherwise have the resources to receive one. It probably takes less than 10 seconds to click on "donating a mammogram". Please join me in "clicking" everyday. http://www.thebreastcancersite.com
Thank you! It's a glorious day in Seattle. 'Wishing you the same. Love, Luckyj

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Hi Luckyj, just went to your address and clicked on the donating a mammogram. I will do it every morning from now on, when I first set down at the computer. I added the address to my favorites and it will be easy. Thanks for the post...this is a good cause and easy to contribute to. Love to you, Nancy

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Hi Luckyj,

After reading your post and Nancys reply I went on to the breast cancer site and clicked on donate a mammogram. I put it on my favorites too and have a note to remind me to click on it everyday. Thank you for posting this. I will also spread the word to some of my friends and relatives.

It was beautiful today here in Seattle, they forecast rain so it was an especially nice surprise. :):):)

God bless you.


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Sunny and beautiful in Buffalo, NY and I clicked on the site which is on my favorites now also.

Thanks for the notice!


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