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Is anyone taking STI-571 I am interested in this drug for my son. It looks very promising. He has had 6 weeks of Radiation and is now in the 8th cycle of chemo. 4 more to go. I realize that STI-571 is still in trial phases but surely someone knows something. I have researched and found only results for CML & GIST

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My brother has a glioblastoma tumor that has reoccurred and is in a place where they can't operate again. We asked about the STI-571 and the Oncologist said that they haven't had proof that it can penetrate the "Brain blood barrier" so they started him on Temodar instead. Temodar has been out of clinical trials for a couple of years now and they are having good success. If you find out anything about the STI-571, would you please post (or e-mail me) so I can pursue it further with my brother's Oncologist? He's not very forward about his disease but his pushy sister is...I am a two time cancer survivor myself. Good luck to you and if I learn anything, I'll let you know.

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Dear Dave,
my 16yr old daughter (Sabrina) was jsut operated for GBM on Sept 16th, 02 and is now on Tamador. I'm really glad to see you are a survier because they told me that GBM patients survive 9 months and 18 months for children with radiation treatment alone. Did you have any opinions on alternative treatments like Santa Monica from new mexico or gene therpay from Burzynski, what about the Gamma knife? Please write back. My personal email address is eneldo@galleria.ca, thank-you.
ps, what is STI-571?

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Here may be a little help. I am on Gleevec (STI-571) and its a pill that is out now that is now approved for CML which I have (chronic myelogenous leukemia) and a certain cancer of the stomach. For CML, it attacks the leukemia cells in your bone marrow. You can get on the internet under leukemia or gleevec and you might find some help. If not, I go to the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon that might help. Good luck.

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Hi. As for Gleevec (STI-571), I found out on 9/14/01 after trying to give platlets that I had cml. After talking with my doctor at the cancer center here in Spokane, Washington, I decided to get on the test program down in Portland, Oregon at the Oregon Health Sciences University where they developed sti. I started the program in October 2001 with a 37,000 white cell count. After three months, in March 2002 I had another bone marrow test and it showed that I was in remission. On September 11, 2002 I had my last test in the program and I was still in remission. On March 12, 2003 I had my sixth month test and am waiting for the results.

I know everyone is different but so far I am only on the pills and I really don't have any side effects. Now this is just me. However, during this whole episode I am working as a word processor in a large firm but I work til 3:00 as I do get tired. But I do still have troubles with my red cell count being a little low and fatigue at times but mostly I do feel great as can be expected.

As of June 2002, Gleevec has just been ok'd for public use through pharmacies. My medical takes care of the cost but I'm on a month to month basis so far. You may want to get in touch with OHSU in the Leukemia department. Maybe they can help you.

Hope this helped. Good luck! Just take it one day at a time.

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