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Thank you, thank you all

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Slept about 2 hours last nite after looking things up on the web. All things seemed negitive and then I found this site and when I logged on this morning the messages there from real people were so encouraging. It helps to connect with thoes who have been thru it, not just facts from some report. I'm 64 and have always been healthy so it really hit hard. Husband passed away 3 years ago but have 6 great children who are a great support group. My surgey is scheduled for June 19 unless something changes. Dr appointment on the 6th. Again thank all of you so much who have sent messages of encouragment. Donna

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Hi Donna, I missed your first message until today. I am also older than most of the girls here on our site. I am 62. I have a web page so will not go into treatment, etc. What I do want to tell you is that you will go through this treatment like a skater on ice and be looking back on it in a few months and telling others,"It was not that bad". Don't read any negative information, Keep your mind going in the opposite direction on everything good and beautiful in your life. You have at least "6 beautiful things to focus on". There are so many of us here to talk to and someone here will always have advice and information, because we have all been in the same place and lived through the same experience. Don't waste time "fretting"....you're going to do GREAT. Love to you, Nancy

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We too are glad that you found this site. I too found the information to be over whelming. Never heard much about it before 97 when I was diagnosed but soon after had to quit watching TV and Reading the papers. Doom and Gloom was everywhere.
My thoughts are with you and best to your children. That is the one thing I truly learned was how important it was to have the support of my family and friends. I could feel each prayer almost it soon was amazing. I have learned allot and don't know if that would of happened with the disease. Be good to yourself, first and for most. We are hardest on ourselves.
Watching for you,

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