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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

In Need of Support-Daughter of Cancer patient

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Hello, everyone! I am in desperate need of some words of encouragement or a friend to chat to on-line. I found out my father had renal cancer two years ago and had his kidney removed then. However, over the course of the two years his cancer has spread to his lungs and brain. He has tried several medications and radiation, but his cancer kept spreading. The doctor told us that this type of cancer is hard to treat and there isn't a lot of medications out there for him. My family just was told that he there is nothing else the hospital can do for him and they stopped all treatment. He has a few months to live and the rest of my family and myself are having him stay home instead of going to a nursing home. It is hard seeing my father deteriorate and slowly die. I would appreciate any emotional support anyone has to offer.

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Hi my name is Denise.
I will pray for your father and your family.
I know that its hard to keep from crying, because I cry all the time.
Just hold on your dad and tell him you love him and that you'll always be there for him.
Don't give up Hope. God is a good God.
Please e-mail if you need to talk. deedeeao@hotmail.com or dalves@osfinc.com
Your not alone.

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Hi; today I decided to take some time off and check on cancer chat. My kids (17 & 16) kept on telling me dad you can help lot's of the people on the chat rooms that need help and hope on their health conditions specially cancer.
I just happen to open this one and you were the first one. I am a Biologist and a Natural Health Consultant. I specialize in the research of natural products for the treatment of cancer. Patients have many options sadly many don't know where to go. I will gladly send you the latest studies done at Purdue University by Dr.Jerry McLaughlin on a product called Paw Paw. It is a powerful product that is making a difference in many peoples lives.
Just don't give up yet I've seen many people send home to die and thanks to God and people that care with natural alternatives their lives have change. i believe that God put me in your way just let me help you and take the time to read whatever information I send you as soon as I have your email.

Thanks for your time.


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hi i would just like to say tht its hard to deal with cancer too in my family because it spreads in the family!my great great grandma died from cancer and my grandpa died from cancer and i recovered from cancer and im only 13 i had cancer when i was 5 and they say it could effect my baby kids or my sister kids if we ever have kids!well i will wanna chat with you later my email adress is dickies_gurl_x0x @ yahoo,com buh bye

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I first replyed but then realized it's an old post from 14 years ago

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Dear lauram sending you hugs and lots of love x

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